Joyner Lucas - Fall Slowly Ft. Ashanti (Official Audio) "Evolution"

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Joyner Lucas

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Andre Chapman-Spears
Andre Chapman-Spears 16 dager siden
Good music and Heart felt... continue on Solid Vibes 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isha Lee
Isha Lee 17 dager siden
mgflow ak
mgflow ak 19 dager siden
AVIMM MUSIC 19 dager siden
AVIMM MUSIC 19 dager siden
AVIMM MUSIC 19 dager siden
AVIMM MUSIC 19 dager siden
jolly7 24 dager siden
Intro: Ashanti] Fall slowly Fall slowly [Refrain: Joyner Lucas] I love you more than I love myself If I weren't with you, I can't picture me with someone else And every time we separate it's like we under spells 'Cause when we hurt each other we come back to help each other heal You say I'm crazy, but at least you know my love is real But shit, you crazy too, and that's why they say love is hell And it's forever, so I hope you never up and bail And if you ever left me for someone, you gon' get someone killed [Verse 1: Joyner Lucas] You know the vibes we on be like some movie shit (Word) And we don't always get along, but when we do, we lit (Lit) I never understood love or what it truly is until I met you Now we just inseparable until we trip (Yeah) [Pre-Chorus: Joyner Lucas] And every time you try to leave, I'm chasin' after you (Chasin' after you) And every time I go, I keep on comin' back to you (Comin' back) 'Cause you belong to me, and I'm the other half of you And as much as I need you, deep down I know I'm bad for you You know I'm bad for you (Bad for you, bad for you) [Chorus: Ashanti] Fallin' slowly, fallin' slowly Fallin' slowly, fallin' slowly [Verse 2: Joyner Lucas] You're not perfect, but you make life worth it Maybe that's why we stick together like cursive (Like cursive) Hella toxic, but I know that I'm determined If we can make it through the fire, we can breathe inside a furnace (Facts) Your family never liked me, they all think that I'm a burden They know when we're together you're a different type of person (True) Whenever things get bad, it never seems like it's worth it It's like we're drownin' really fast until we get back to the surface And we never learnin' self-love (Yeah) So we been there for each other when no one else was (No one else was) And all the times I was broke and you kept me held up And got me back focused or held me down when I felt stuck (Word) [Pre-Chorus: Joyner Lucas] And every time I try to leave, you're chasin' after me (Chasin' after me) And every time you leave, you keep on comin' back to me (Comin' back) 'Cause I belong to you, and you're the other half of me And as much as you need me, deep down you know you're bad for me You know you're bad for me [Chorus: Ashanti] Fallin' slowly, fallin' slowly Fallin' slowly, fallin' slowly [Refrain: Joyner Lucas] I love you more than I love myself If you weren't with me, I can't picture you with someone else And every time we separate it's like we under spells 'Cause when we hurt each other we come back to help each other heal You say I'm crazy, but at least you know my love is real But shit, you crazy too, and that's why they say love is hell And it's forever, so I hope you never up and bail And if you ever left me for someone, you gon' get someone killed (Killed, killed, killed) [Outro: Ashanti, Ashanti & Joyner Lucas] The swing that takes me now Of crawlin' down me skin Hold me by your name Hold me 'til the end
Louiz Antonio
Louiz Antonio Måned siden
After every song you hear "I'm tight" Yea after signing that deal. Nobody gets there without signing. Collaboration with all these celebs don't come for free. All comes with a price
Mike Scott
Mike Scott Måned siden
The rap game has needed something like joyner for a while now.
Spider Sav
Spider Sav 2 måneder siden
G eazy vibes here
Nadia Taylor
Nadia Taylor 2 måneder siden
Neegan FF
Neegan FF 2 måneder siden
Joyner 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️
Erastus Kinyanjui
Erastus Kinyanjui 2 måneder siden
The illest nigga alive,,2pac reincarnation,if you agree give me a like👇
Tylko Muzyka
Tylko Muzyka 2 måneder siden
Fall slowly is a fucking piece of art. No joke it moved me and sent chills down the spine and back.
kathleen pearce
kathleen pearce 2 måneder siden
Sai No
Sai No 3 måneder siden
I want a guitar arrangement of this
Clint Raber
Clint Raber 3 måneder siden
Joyner is in my head. Never quit. Every song hits home some how.!😵
Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas 3 måneder siden
Thank You For Your Support!!! Hope Everyone Is Doing Well And Enjoying The Holiday's!!! Have A Blessed Day!!! Sincerely, Jordan Charles Crawley (Joyner Lucas)!!! Https:// Https:// Https:// Https://
crazybone444 3 måneder siden
For those who don't know, this is sampled from Koda- Staying. This song amazing tho.
Karolina Ortiz
Karolina Ortiz 3 måneder siden
I hope Joyner Lucas makes good money for his hard work.
Red Way
Red Way 3 måneder siden
We need a movie abourt joyner.
Kiya 3 måneder siden
My favorite song on this album.
banditoz dope
banditoz dope 3 måneder siden
the dude lmfaoo in the thumbnail lmfaoo
ThereR 15Letters
ThereR 15Letters 3 måneder siden
Thaw who shall, walk the trail Now, Find your way out, back home Somehow, Golden Blue Path, Up Left Down Right Around, the Mounds in Tens, follow Patterns, Found Mountains, find your Ocean, Flow In the way the Waves will send, them Notions, So to the Motion, of Emotions, You Miss, those old Scents allowing Remembrance To the New when, its Beautifully Bliss, Every Memory that this Energy Gets, is Blessed, so Suite'n Tie The Shoe that Fits, Laced Today and came to say, that I am Ready To Help and Teach, Never Will I Preach, a Speech that I Didn't Mean to Speak So... SoLdieR BACK TO YOUR FEET! For Joyner, From- Me
Sérgio Ferreira
Sérgio Ferreira 4 måneder siden
Damn son, why isnt this guy trending worldwide ?
Ty Knotts1
Ty Knotts1 4 måneder siden
We don’t always get along but when we do we do be lit...doobie lit 🔥
Mads Petersen
Mads Petersen 4 måneder siden
Every song gives me chill amazing
Embrace 4 måneder siden
This whole album is complete fire, the story behind every song has so much meaning. A true inspiration for real
Mani Grewal
Mani Grewal 4 måneder siden
LOVE FROM INDIA 🤞💯 Love your music 🙌🏼✊
999 Gaming
999 Gaming 4 måneder siden
Story of my life!🔥🔥🔥
frankie jacc
frankie jacc 4 måneder siden
Thank god for original artist and you can tell when music is everything
Sam Kabiru
Sam Kabiru 4 måneder siden
This song hits deep ❤🔥🔥🇰🇪
Zak Awod
Zak Awod 4 måneder siden
One of the best rappers out there
Ryan 587
Ryan 587 4 måneder siden
If there was ever a song to pin point real life and real relationship struggles it’s this masterpiece right here 👌💯
Deno D Music
Deno D Music 4 måneder siden
This album my favorite from this artist hes soo underrated but he a star his word inspired me to work alone trust noone be my self know he ain't go see this but he a legend ...all songs brings out pain....feel like ill never make it sometimes....
SCD-BOY1986 4 måneder siden
The beat dropped..... I downloaded it.
Jaleel White
Jaleel White 4 måneder siden
This music I can't get enough of listening to it over and over again this is one of my most favorite songs
YL Y 4 måneder siden
Have enjoyed
marco veal
marco veal 4 måneder siden
Yellow HammerJR
Yellow HammerJR 4 måneder siden
The sun rise is down like last day dig dig ma men
Lee Ming Kent
Lee Ming Kent 4 måneder siden
yah is quie naiz
Lee Ming Kent
Lee Ming Kent 4 måneder siden
every dis i listened still will i lisyen
Deno D Music
Deno D Music 4 måneder siden
I know most of you wont see this just know love is hell
Krystals here make it clear
Krystals here make it clear 4 måneder siden
Thank you 😊
Mike Boswell
Mike Boswell 4 måneder siden
DeeJayBee Official
DeeJayBee Official 4 måneder siden
Yes, Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Hi
Leroy Greer
Leroy Greer 4 måneder siden
Anthoni McGill
Anthoni McGill 4 måneder siden
joyner speakes the truth i love this man bro
youssef boudaya
youssef boudaya 4 måneder siden
amazing album but this one and straight like that have something special
Scarlet Harmison
Scarlet Harmison 4 måneder siden
Joyner Lucas is real talent always. He is not like other rappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
BlyMan Bryant
BlyMan Bryant 4 måneder siden
I loved joyners old stuff like winter blues and back word but I quit listening after lotto but this album brought me back its nice
Tu Sicka
Tu Sicka 4 måneder siden
Have U even seen the video yet?
EDWIN MUTINDA 4 måneder siden
deep music in relationship salute n keep it 100
sbusiso dlame
sbusiso dlame 4 måneder siden
I love your music i am not disappointed your album is dope on fire 🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
GAMy 24
GAMy 24 4 måneder siden
Let's be realistic. Joyner is very talented and deserves all the success he works for yourself to becoming a better personand God bless doto whoever is reading this message
Prajwal Gaikwad
Prajwal Gaikwad 4 måneder siden
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia 4 måneder siden
Every. Single. Time. That’s how often I absolutely sync with his music
Richer Time
Richer Time 4 måneder siden
Lyricst at its finest all of the song
Clayton Bigsby
Clayton Bigsby 4 måneder siden
anthony henderson
anthony henderson 4 måneder siden
Shit hits home frfr
frank vazquez
frank vazquez 4 måneder siden
Joyner Lucas is the truth !
Hannah Mae
Hannah Mae 4 måneder siden
tyrone williams
tyrone williams 4 måneder siden
NOpost, BORN GOD Character of a Man CHECK IT OUT
Triton88keyz 4 måneder siden
Peroxide to the 👁 eyeballs !! St8’ Mf’ Fire 🔥 Joyner Is the goat 🐐 🎶🖤🖤🖤🎼💀🔥🩸
Rowdy the Hypeman
Rowdy the Hypeman 4 måneder siden
Kingg Markco
Kingg Markco 4 måneder siden
90% chance this wont get seen but If anyone sees this I started NOpost 1 month ago, and I'm tryna grow a fan base if any of uu can check out my content that would mean a lot
Lit Homie
Lit Homie 4 måneder siden
Idk why I have this one on repeat for past week
Max Gower
Max Gower 4 måneder siden
Joyner you need this now like I need you. .. Be s to g and hold on, I love you too
Nigel Mainja
Nigel Mainja 4 måneder siden
Flames 🔥🔥🔥
Timo Srk
Timo Srk 4 måneder siden
God Fresh33
God Fresh33 4 måneder siden
OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik
OFFICIAL ListenGreatMuzik 4 måneder siden
Thank You Joyner! Waiting for my Collab 🙏🏾💪🏾
Spencer MacMurran
Spencer MacMurran 4 måneder siden
Waleed KTL
Waleed KTL 4 måneder siden
Ml junior Chorr
Ml junior Chorr 4 måneder siden
Internet Trash
Internet Trash 4 måneder siden
This album was really fucking good man
Robert Landree
Robert Landree 4 måneder siden
This cuts me deep 😪
DarkSpartan FTW
DarkSpartan FTW 4 måneder siden
Bruh I don’t cry ever but I cried like a baby at the last minute. I don’t know what happened to me.
Freaky 4 måneder siden
the hook is so beautiful man
Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas 4 måneder siden
Bruhhh stop hitting life so accurately 😣😭
Dawg Craft
Dawg Craft 4 måneder siden
this album sounds like Joyner's trying to be the new Kendrick
عدنان و لينا
عدنان و لينا 4 måneder siden
Old song new beat?
Yensy 4 måneder siden
Rock-afire Replay
Rock-afire Replay 4 måneder siden
I loved ADHD, but this album hits different for me. I truly do like this more than ADHD. I also love the extended version of Fall Slowly. Such a beautiful song.
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 måneder siden
I thought both albums were very relatable and i enjoyed both of them alot
Deyloo Vincii
Deyloo Vincii 4 måneder siden
My fav🔥
Hassan Jaral7⃣
Hassan Jaral7⃣ 4 måneder siden
Saturn666 4 måneder siden
Evolution is another amazing album from Joyner, honestly, I'm convinced he can't make bad songs
Jay Rod
Jay Rod 4 måneder siden
Cant wait to see the visual for this
YNW Nights
YNW Nights 4 måneder siden
joyner since Sik World worked on this beat first can you at least give him a shout out
Trap Lxrd Beatz
Trap Lxrd Beatz 4 måneder siden
U took me to a different planet 🪐😔
MIMIH22A 4 måneder siden
This song hit me on another level
WonderedMold168 4 måneder siden
how could you not like this?
hamoodmadridi 4 måneder siden
This became my favorite joyner song
Cheech Chong
Cheech Chong 4 måneder siden
First verse has me in my feels.
Lisa McEndree
Lisa McEndree 4 måneder siden
I just listened to the entire new album and I loved it! It was definitely more on the serious side and you shared a lot. I liked the concept. Song #3 on the track was so lit, it was my favorite and I had to keep playing it back to catch bars! The last song made me cry, it was deep. Keep up the great work! Btw this song right here is my favorite! Lol. Much love ❤️
Flo Verz
Flo Verz 4 måneder siden
Thank you for Dashain special gift 🇳🇵❤️
Thr33 Ray Riley
Thr33 Ray Riley 4 måneder siden
YESSIR 🔥🔥💯🔥🔥
Lawless Entertainment Uploads
Lawless Entertainment Uploads 4 måneder siden
Joyner Lucas ain't like these other shitty rappers 💯💯💯🔥🔥
PezPezPezPez 123
PezPezPezPez 123 4 måneder siden
Kiki Garcia
Kiki Garcia 4 måneder siden
This song & video with Ashanti just made me want them together 🥰 They set my mind on 🔥 with their chemistry ❤️
Timo Munzert
Timo Munzert 4 måneder siden
That shit goes deep af🙏🏾🙌🏾
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