Joyner Lucas - The Making of ADHD (All In One Take)

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Joyner Lucas

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Directed by: @joynerlucas & @btproulx

Reven-pots MeYouSic
Reven-pots MeYouSic 3 dager siden
Can someone tell me the Crew name.?
Some Guy
Some Guy 25 dager siden
Dude this is wild. GG
SirMeanOrangeBean Måned siden
This is . . . TERRIFYING
StretchGames HD
StretchGames HD Måned siden
I have to say joyner is the best when it comes to 360 green screen videos. Watching top and bottom together is amazing. Please release a song like this but bts and actual video. People may start to appreciate your creative mind more. And the director done a sick job the video editor needs a mill a vid for these 360s
Shivansh Beats
Shivansh Beats 2 måneder siden
Respect to the editors! You did a fucking legendary job 🔥
Anthony Aranda
Anthony Aranda 2 måneder siden
X0 LoveLee
X0 LoveLee 3 måneder siden
Omg 🔥🔥🔥
Colin_Russell 3 måneder siden
That was skill
Vusani Masupa
Vusani Masupa 3 måneder siden
I dont care what anyone says🔥👌but joyner has the best visuals in the industry
alexzje 4 måneder siden
Even though I saw this a long time ago I NEEDED to watch it again, one of the best productions i've ever seen.
Jeff K
Jeff K 4 måneder siden
kill it young buck
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader 4 måneder siden
Both my parents died, this song makes me wanna OD and die but I don’t do drugs. Y’all feel me?
Cary Dominic Abejuro
Cary Dominic Abejuro 4 måneder siden
Vhong Magpasikat 2020 Concept Hehe
dryesman81 4 måneder siden
This is amazing!! love this dude!
SlRENN 4 måneder siden
Carlos A
Carlos A 4 måneder siden
Legend has it that box of cereal is still on the floor...
Moyo 4 måneder siden
What are they even 3d tracking? The particles in the air? This must've taken so long for the vfx guys to do
Raynard Tjokro
Raynard Tjokro 4 måneder siden
all done in ONE CIRCLE??
Damon Josue
Damon Josue 4 måneder siden
i refuse to believe thats not a real couch
Alucard Moon
Alucard Moon 5 måneder siden
KloJoe Oeha
KloJoe Oeha 5 måneder siden
This was made by a genius who is smarter than fucking Einstein
Ravinder Sharma
Ravinder Sharma 5 måneder siden
PieCe of art
Mariana Calderon
Mariana Calderon 5 måneder siden
Me trying to keep track of what’s happening 😂😂
PRAISETHEWEED 5 måneder siden
Peter makinnon should react to this
YaBoy HuMaN
YaBoy HuMaN 6 måneder siden
bruh these shit hurt my brain
CaioComC 6 måneder siden
pretty cool
MyLexusISF 6 måneder siden
Not trying to stir shit but am i the only one that remembers a white family at 00:33 originally
Parantap Kaushal
Parantap Kaushal 6 måneder siden
Man this great for a person to learn from this video!
discotraffic 6 måneder siden
Madison Pictures
Madison Pictures 7 måneder siden
People are talking about coordination and editing and while it’s incredible, I’m thinking of all the footage shot for the green screen comps and stitching. So much more work than is shown (without talking about editing)
kumar Samaksha
kumar Samaksha 7 måneder siden
Robledo Producciones
Robledo Producciones 7 måneder siden
Amazing, insane, incredible!!!
andres lucero
andres lucero 8 måneder siden
Apoi Gans
Apoi Gans 9 måneder siden
Amazing dude video 🤙🙌
Wawa KalaSh
Wawa KalaSh 9 måneder siden
Just make a feature with Dax already bro, would be lit af
Dipesh Mehar
Dipesh Mehar 9 måneder siden
This video deserve millions of views.. GOD THIS VIDEO IS SO UNDERATED!!
Esperanza Gutierrez
Esperanza Gutierrez 9 måneder siden
Anyone have the link to the real music video? Just by itself
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 9 måneder siden
Nobody gonna talk about the people not being real! When he was in the class scene no people were in the bts aka behind the secnes
Apple Gray
Apple Gray 9 måneder siden
That's game changing
ivan salvia df
ivan salvia df 9 måneder siden
incredible workk! awesomeee😍😍
raphael muthini
raphael muthini 10 måneder siden
Armin GHias
Armin GHias 10 måneder siden
Awesome, Great Crew
Anthony C
Anthony C 10 måneder siden
Can we get the making of WILL? I gotta assume some very similar techniques were used.
Kwad Squad FPV
Kwad Squad FPV 10 måneder siden
Did anyone count how many times they went around?
Hot In Paradise
Hot In Paradise 11 måneder siden
One take. Like a boss..
Ryan Lu
Ryan Lu 11 måneder siden
are we going to get a making of Will tho?
Kevin Kiggs
Kevin Kiggs 11 måneder siden
Film student here. Watched the music video and I was just wondering how the hell did they do this.... My mind is officially blown
Nick 11 måneder siden
Jonathan O’Keeffe
Jonathan O’Keeffe 11 måneder siden
That lamp is underrated
Henning Kock
Henning Kock 11 måneder siden
Each background had to be shot with the same movement and coordinated to overlay all this in edit
Ice Ryda
Ice Ryda 11 måneder siden
Facundo Peralta
Facundo Peralta 11 måneder siden
This video was so epic! My respect for the roto team ♥
PokerFaceTV 11 måneder siden
Best videos in the game
Ryan Kowalik
Ryan Kowalik 11 måneder siden
This is so sick
Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer 11 måneder siden
This was cool to watch.
meh 11 måneder siden
Is that iDubbbz at :25 ?
andruAJ 11 måneder siden
this video must be, at least, be nomineted to best rap video
Islam M. Ali
Islam M. Ali 11 måneder siden
what if someone's misses SHIT
Elwin Ingram
Elwin Ingram 11 måneder siden
fucking amazing
Ethan PERHAM 11 måneder siden
smooth, just smooth
Ivan Lupták
Ivan Lupták 11 måneder siden
perfect one take
TGOD 11 måneder siden
Real feat man 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ editing and one shot omg
Sunil Laishram
Sunil Laishram 11 måneder siden
Something what I feel everyday...”It kinda feels like I’m dying on the inside.”
Nikola Taskov
Nikola Taskov År siden
that looks expencive
Antyvirus_AV År siden
Everything else was easy to achieve but the Lighting🔥...keying that greenscreen was obvious but the lighting and how they keep changing to blend with the sets in post production was so incredible. Thanks for the bts
Michael D
Michael D År siden
I wonder what his voice sounds like
Sumeet Khalko
Sumeet Khalko År siden
Super video graphics man
Mhaido HM
Mhaido HM År siden
👍💪💕💕 amazing
WackoSamurai År siden
OMG the 3D tracking
The Book of Lab
The Book of Lab År siden
wish i could afford to have ideas like this this shit is brilliant
MelonHead1848 År siden
I hate that all the good rappers have to conform to the auto tune singing style if they want to blow and make money.. dude is good but we are losing what could have been one of the greats
Who is Q
Who is Q År siden
Plot twist: The making of ADHD is also a VFX edit.
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson År siden
They really should do a Making Of video for Isis by Joyner and Logic
LiveWire Studios
LiveWire Studios År siden
awesome editing but joyners voice :/
Anfi Tube
Anfi Tube År siden
all in one!
iYzQ År siden
This is *So* Underrated
Gambit År siden
0:24 swear to god this is idubbbz i saw it in the normal video but it looks just like idubbbz
camaroonius År siden
That's not idubbbz
Space Grace
Space Grace År siden
Literally the coolest music I've ever seen.
Diogo Branco
Diogo Branco År siden
wow so sick!!!!!
Aron Balk
Aron Balk År siden
Holy shit this song is bad
Aron Balk
Aron Balk År siden
@camaroonius bulk up👍🏽😎👍🏽
camaroonius År siden
ok aron bulk
Ayush Pant
Ayush Pant År siden
Holy crap that's amazing!!❣️
Leafy År siden
thats some clean green screen cant even notice.
Detective Jones
Detective Jones År siden
Video looks cool couldn't understand a damn word
I Made Bhismahayana Adnyana
I Made Bhismahayana Adnyana År siden
OK GO smile on the other side
Bangers 64
Bangers 64 År siden
Beautiful Work!!!
Ant Jonez 218
Ant Jonez 218 År siden
This was fuckin amazing. I completely stopped eating and had the fork to my mouth for almost 2 mins watchin this 🤣
Wilfred Fournier
Wilfred Fournier År siden
Holy shit congrats
Jovan Adidharma
Jovan Adidharma År siden
What are they tracking here ? The oxygen ?!?
shakeel suleman
shakeel suleman År siden
Damnnnn 👌👌👌
Kane._.Taylor År siden
jeez big props to the editing team that would've taken forever to edit and the fact they did it so well is crazy also the song is fire 🔥🔥🔥
hi År siden
Me and my friend listened to your song on repeat for hours bro
Dewi Kingdon
Dewi Kingdon År siden
There will only be one real song called ADHD and it’s not this
Dewi Kingdon
Dewi Kingdon År siden
camaroonius Kendrick Lamar ADHD
camaroonius År siden
what is it
VelvetMidnight År siden
So this how bum rappers fake their billion dollar homes and etc 😂
Nasty Prancks
Nasty Prancks År siden
Great i know how donuts is made..
Basile H.
Basile H. År siden
3:12 "Holly sh*t I forgot this one"
YGGDRISTIEN -YggiE- År siden
Massive respect to the vfx and technical teams for the seamless transitions and lightings
weka År siden
this is amazing yet the lighting is bad and color correction wasn't that great too, other than that i loved it so much.
Debby STOOPID År siden
That man using train tracks as camera stand
1 like=1 prayer for his ADHD
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