Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official video)

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Joyner Lucas

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Big38rd_cashdiss sd
Big38rd_cashdiss sd 23 timer siden
Crazy Cole
Crazy Cole Dag siden
"You should have gone for head"
MaNsAZUES 000 Dag siden
as sweet as revenge is, it only leads to more conflict.
coochie Man
coochie Man Dag siden
Most slept on nigga I shiit u not
Evil Morty
Evil Morty Dag siden
Yo love joyner always but fuck you NOpost for putting 2 ads in the middle of the fuckin track....some bullshit right there.
David Jordan
David Jordan 2 dager siden
Bro why did he shoot him if they all was getting money? I mean if you wanna do that then kill the old man then
David Jordan
David Jordan 2 dager siden
Never mind white boy know him
Soy Manõs
Soy Manõs 2 dager siden
Song starts at 3:15
Tim 3 dager siden
Great song, hate the video, to much interrupted
Vv_Vendetta_vV 3 dager siden
I made a Gmv on this cuz apparently no one else did, i dont really kno how else to promote myself
Prakash Jeysankar
Prakash Jeysankar 4 dager siden
I just realized the background track in the beginning are Dreams Manhunt music
Young Curvy Beast
Young Curvy Beast 5 dager siden
Mate this is fire the song too
Arthur Corleone
Arthur Corleone 5 dager siden
This song makes me wanna stunt on everyone that ever wronged me.
Vv_Vendetta_vV 3 dager siden
Wateryt Live
Wateryt Live 8 dager siden
the music look like dream when start rob
bludmane 8 dager siden
fuck a music video this a whole ass movie
Jeremy Tole
Jeremy Tole 9 dager siden
I've seen better acting in a porno
Adrian 9 dager siden
Best music video ever lol
Gooz 9 dager siden
before the music started playing I forgot this was a music video and thought I was watching a whole ass movie
Beatriz Ramirez
Beatriz Ramirez 9 dager siden
"I don't wanna do no E. I don't wanna drink. I don't wanna do no lean." Luv luv luv what he's spittin st8 jews. He's a BEAST!!!
Songs Creation V
Songs Creation V 10 dager siden
I wasted a whole day to search this song He is another artist and I think that singer is Eminem
Pain CODM 10 dager siden
Who said there wasn't a video only in 8 minutes huh?
shane grimes
shane grimes 10 dager siden
The Dark Knight really influenced this video, the opening scene and at 4:50
Draceo T17
Draceo T17 10 dager siden
Intro gave me the chills
Matt Dean
Matt Dean 10 dager siden
Bruno Asoka
Bruno Asoka 12 dager siden
This song teaches us a lesson that, Your friends can also betray you
Lord Dav
Lord Dav 12 dager siden
Yoel romero's fire lirycs are hell, saludos desde colombia
Ismail rajini
Ismail rajini 12 dager siden
This Budget.
Niya Blake
Niya Blake 14 dager siden
I loved this video but said that the ending of it is on another video
Sharad Poonia
Sharad Poonia 14 dager siden
"Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut." - Goodfellas
Depter 15 dager siden
Only if 69 saw this before he snitched
Donald Morlan
Donald Morlan 15 dager siden
if I'm mad at someone I punch them
Ubivision 16 dager siden
Joyner is saying don't beef with him
Lil 2kay
Lil 2kay 16 dager siden
It gave me a huge fright when he shot joyner at the start
Gustav Brink
Gustav Brink 17 dager siden
Its not acting ..if u mean wht u say u feel me
Inconceivable Jay
Inconceivable Jay 17 dager siden
This is the *dopest* music video I've ever seen! *Joyner your the illest.*
I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom
I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom 17 dager siden
Who the fuck tells the pizza guy to come in ?
Mishael 18 dager siden
Joyner really went agents 47 on them 😁
Equilibrium 19 dager siden
so gta was a fucking lie
bigfootjesus123 20 dager siden
He the real goat 🐐
Ratha 22 dager siden
Okay but wtf is there an ad in the middle of the videooo
Monsterbaby's Channel
Monsterbaby's Channel 22 dager siden
If you extend this about a hour longer it will be a movie
Monsterbaby's Channel
Monsterbaby's Channel 23 dager siden
Camera man this a movie or a music video Joyner lucas you gonna see
sandman62100 23 dager siden
2pac is dead lol
Michael Snapke
Michael Snapke 24 dager siden
I thought they friends not kill each other
Micah Chinni
Micah Chinni 24 dager siden
That last scene was dark tho 😬😳
Micah Chinni
Micah Chinni 25 dager siden
wow i'm never ordering pizza again lol
Erik Kogucki
Erik Kogucki 25 dager siden
why would his friend shoot him i dont understand
Joshua Childress
Joshua Childress 26 dager siden
make a movie outta this you good at dis shit
Maha Ghallab
Maha Ghallab 26 dager siden
piece of shit video i swear turned me off when i saw it
Nasro Bob
Nasro Bob 26 dager siden
He's the MASTER of the RAP shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Zsombor Számel
Zsombor Számel 27 dager siden
Yoboi ii
Yoboi ii 27 dager siden
THE GOAT 27 dager siden
I’m here because of Tom Brady
Anupambir Singh
Anupambir Singh 28 dager siden
He did the Hitman Challenge before it was cool
Latina in the City
Latina in the City 29 dager siden
U-haul does not take any responsibility for the actions of these people
Eugene Phifer
Eugene Phifer Måned siden
Nas no bad energy on this 1 if i cant get away with it like pun said keep your feet in the road far away from jail revenge thought about it like i said if i cant put them on ice and escape with no trace im not turning up
Shravan Sivakumar
Shravan Sivakumar Måned siden
My homies when I get punched
Mr. Random
Mr. Random Måned siden
Underrated song and video
Paige •
Paige • Måned siden
The only music video in the world that has an ad of someone else’s music lol 😂🤷‍♀️
Imcreaty Måned siden
Me. WTH him.killed
Not Velox
Not Velox Måned siden
bro he has a naruto sound track in the back lmaooo
V2music Måned siden
So an add in the middle of a music video
E E Måned siden
My god why tf didn't youtube recommend me this earlier!!!!!
Chaz Lake, Spray Paint Artist
Chaz Lake, Spray Paint Artist Måned siden
Is that NBA star Rasheed Wallace taking shots? ;D
daniel.rosenthal Måned siden
Best music video by far😍
The Eijiro Kirishima
The Eijiro Kirishima Måned siden
I'm just wondering when Joyner boutta make a movie
Ningguanq Måned siden
when you doing a movie
Fxyn Måned siden
it’s 8 minutes because if this amazing ass heist man
Solid Coal
Solid Coal Måned siden
4:24 i hate so much how that silencer isn't put on properly
adayinforever Måned siden
I think the actual robbery scene in this video is over the top and stupid. If you're gonna rob a bank you don't want to traumatize the people. The more of a jerk you are the worse you make the situation. That puts everybody in that bank willing to testify against you. You want those people on your side so they'll stay quiet. Be civil. Throw some of them a stack on the way out. The customers and bank tellers aren't your enemy. There's no reason to treat them like they are. The John Dillinger model is the way to go. He had the people on his side.
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
Anjos e demonios....👌🏾👁👽
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
---(©)---- .
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
O carinha Do Comgumelo
O carinha Do Comgumelo Måned siden
Matthew Simmons
Matthew Simmons Måned siden
so it’s 5am, and i’m sitting in bed thinking. here’s what i got. unrealistic and definitely not the timeline but fuck would it be cool😂 (revenge)this group robs a bank. joyner gets shot by his buddy in order for everyone to get bigger cuts, (snitch)taken in by the police and questioned, where he gives no answers. after his release he goes on a murder spree on his old squad. (i don’t die)caught by the police again, he’s put on death row for the murders of his old crew, and after multiple attempts, he’s found to be unkillable and joyner and brown escape only to be killed by a moving truck. the end
J Måned siden
John Wick co star.
John Malcom
John Malcom Måned siden
1. Person: died from the secret item on red pizza company and it’s called ^Pizza bullet^ 2 Person: got declined from the limousine company 3. Person: got a special drink For his troubles 4. Person: paid extra for a special Pillow
#PainIsGain Måned siden
I thought there for a second that was your intro to every station, session I have one to just so you know jojo
American First
American First Måned siden
The Derek Carr highlight video brought me here.
Christopher Tobo Toalongo
Christopher Tobo Toalongo Måned siden
i am gay
Joe Chammas
Joe Chammas Måned siden
7:08 another meaning to die hard
Joe Chammas
Joe Chammas Måned siden
6:00 savage moment
Corbin Dennis
Corbin Dennis Måned siden
I just realized that he killed everybody on his team. Why? Was it because they knew he was going to die?
Roberto Grayer
Roberto Grayer Måned siden
Roberto Grayer
Roberto Grayer Måned siden
Roberto Grayer
Roberto Grayer Måned siden
CTRL Rete Måned siden
Yo this should be a movie
vinci by night
vinci by night Måned siden
A whole movie 👏👏👏
Filog Editing
Filog Editing Måned siden
Nuggie ZR
Nuggie ZR Måned siden
Wowz -; all I can say honestly.
Kyle Clemente
Kyle Clemente Måned siden
Reviving the art of music videos and the best storyteller in the game.
L4lyrics Jones
L4lyrics Jones Måned siden
FACTS!! Thats the same comment i made about 4yrs ago when i saw his Ross vid & "im sorry" vid...Simply incredible...& exactly what we have been missing in music.
D_cider Måned siden
I got the cellphones 😂😂😂
Joaquin Baca
Joaquin Baca Måned siden
Did anyone else notice on the first kill his gun shouldn't have worked because the suppressor wasn't screwed on correctly
Monsterbaby's Channel
Monsterbaby's Channel 23 dager siden
Nexus TV
Nexus TV Måned siden
I didn't even notice that one
Alfie Pringle-Vears
Alfie Pringle-Vears Måned siden
3:10 when the movie starts
The Winning society
The Winning society Måned siden
Tommy; I have a banana clip Steve Jobs: I have an apple clip
Cynic_Linkあう Måned siden
Best music video I've ever seen
Scourg Måned siden
Alternate title : Payday 2 remastered trailer
Crackshot 488
Crackshot 488 Måned siden
The intro reminds me of Payday 2 lol
Kristyle Allred
Kristyle Allred Måned siden
But that beat drop thoooooo🥶🥶
ッBAYBXRRY Måned siden
when joyner wants long hair
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