Joyner Lucas - Str8 Like Dat

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Joyner Lucas

4 måneder siden

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Nellbae 4 dager siden
Man just straight like that
Farid Iparraguirre enriquez
Farid Iparraguirre enriquez 5 dager siden
goteo duki ? xdd
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen 7 dager siden
Joyner deserves more views than this.
Jimmy Crumel
Jimmy Crumel 10 dager siden
🔥 🔥 🔥
East Shredz
East Shredz 13 dager siden
todd joseph
todd joseph 14 dager siden
chilaka ikechukwu
chilaka ikechukwu 18 dager siden
Joyner is a beast when it comes to music 🎶❤️💪🏽🔥
Dakota Lee
Dakota Lee 18 dager siden
Anyone else get Nipsey vibes?
Chris Magno
Chris Magno 19 dager siden
I kissed a homie once and said no homo, *STR8 LYK DAT!*
Joel Sletten
Joel Sletten 20 dager siden
Joyner is a different beast
F.T.D Dank
F.T.D Dank 26 dager siden
Joyner killing the lyrics and feels. Keep your head up and spreading knowledge to everyone that needs it. We all can hear you and agree that you are killing it. Keep it up bro and never stop spreading elevation.
ramio Måned siden
i go watch aot now.
Nel Capo
Nel Capo Måned siden
I know I hear Ty dolla on this track...
Brendan Cornish
Brendan Cornish Måned siden
“If it’s fuck me, then it’s fuck you” 🔥
Julos Kibasomba
Julos Kibasomba Måned siden
This song so underrated.
whitesmoke hiding
whitesmoke hiding Måned siden
Joyner low key stole a lot of Phora and NF stuff on this album or is it just me ?????
Incognito x
Incognito x Måned siden
I need a Joyner/J Cole collab ASAP.
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson Måned siden
1993-2021 str8 like that 🥃
#LegendsNeverDie #RIP
#LegendsNeverDie #RIP Måned siden
Joyner is a beast str8 like dat.
Observer88 Tyrael
Observer88 Tyrael 2 måneder siden
Being honest, i am not the biggest jl fan. But this right here is fire! 🔥 Classic!
NovaTheGoatNTG 2 måneder siden
I mixed and mastered my dawg to this beat.. I ain't go lie bro but I think my bros version is poppin. Gotta Holla at me
Kori Brown
Kori Brown 2 måneder siden
Clack back the mac straight like that
Hukana Matata
Hukana Matata 2 måneder siden
Nipsey would of killed this beat.
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman 2 måneder siden
On crip I can here nipsey in his voice on this record
Captain Olimar
Captain Olimar 2 måneder siden
I listen to this song a billion times, st8 like dat
rick van der wal
rick van der wal 2 måneder siden
Gonna buy me a sax
Mikk Jaggher
Mikk Jaggher 2 måneder siden
I'm from the metal music genre .but there ain't no lyrics with heart like this in other music no more. To understand stand blessings you must no pain.
I.G.M OFFICIAL 2 måneder siden
Okay Joyner,I see you Homeboy! Str8 like dat 💯🔥
MrPotatoHead 2 måneder siden
Get J. Cole on this joint 🔥
Podtrash Radio
Podtrash Radio 2 måneder siden
“I wear my heart on my sleeve but decided to cover it Wonder how crazy my son will get I wrote a book and then buried and covered it Hoping he’ll never discover it Wondering if he only knew all the shit that he up against I got to put me in front of it” Damn
Ravenuto Heynies
Ravenuto Heynies 2 måneder siden
the illest bruh!!!1
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis 2 måneder siden
Who else hears Nipsey on this?
Youth Official
Youth Official 3 måneder siden
Hope my daughter don’t meet no one like me.... 💯
Tumua Fuifatu
Tumua Fuifatu 3 måneder siden
Westoda Goat
Westoda Goat 3 måneder siden
Who else used this beat
Marty Muenz
Marty Muenz 3 måneder siden
Best rapper ever . He can hit you in the heart but pull out the gangster and still tell a real story
GWP Gaming And Funny Videos
GWP Gaming And Funny Videos 3 måneder siden
Imagine listening to this when driving back home after a long day :D
Being Brandy
Being Brandy 3 måneder siden
Str8 like DAT🔥 Thats hard appreciate that🔥
Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz 3 måneder siden
You are blessed 💫 straight like that
Alex Arango
Alex Arango 3 måneder siden
Duki - Goteo
Dee Joseph
Dee Joseph 3 måneder siden
Anyone else feel like durkiio would have been 🔥🔥🔥 on dis track?
Joris Da Moura
Joris Da Moura 3 måneder siden
Typa Youngboy or Rod wave Beat but The flow is elite here🤝
Randy Bill
Randy Bill 3 måneder siden
one of the best albums of 2020 so far.
Jimmy Crumel
Jimmy Crumel 3 måneder siden
Hunter Lorenz
Hunter Lorenz 3 måneder siden
Nipsey Lucas
LaTroy Moss
LaTroy Moss 3 måneder siden
bgm smoke - quarantine
Jermaine Lamar
Jermaine Lamar 3 måneder siden
Lil Wayne just rapped over this beat on a new song called “Hollywood”
DatDude 3 måneder siden
Yeah (buck, buck) Middle fingers to my foes, straight like that (yeah) This the truest story ever told, straight like that (straight, uh) On my phone, we speakin' codes, straight like that (brrr) This the shit that keep them on they toes Straight like that (buck, buck) How many niggas reach they goals? Straight like that (hey) How many niggas folded? So they toes, straight like that (uh) Cut you off, you had to go, straight like that (woo) I just need some space for me to grow, straight like that (yeah) If it's fuck me, then it's fuck you, straight like that (buck, buck) You ain't hard to find for me touch you, straight like that (ah) Had to grind, had to hustle, straight like that (yеah) Gained a piece of mind from thе struggle, straight like that (uh) Multi-platinum sellin' millionaire, straight like that (buck) Those you think I owe 'em wasn't there, straight like that (yeah) A couple dollars in the prayers, straight like that (woah) Ain't a single nigga that I fear, straight like that (yeah, yeah) Yeah, I done shed a couple tears, straight like that (hey) Pourin' liquor for those who ain't here, straight like that (uh) Since you gon' make me disappear, straight like that (yeah) Then you gon' have to prove it, that's a dare, straight like- You weren't afraid of them runnin' it (woo) Give it the way that you wanted it (oh) I never knew what the money would do If I knew, then I wouldn't want none of it (buck, buck) Niggas I thought I was cool with is schemin' But they wanna dap me in public I'm startin' to think that I'm numb to it I wear my heart on my sleeve, but decided to cover it (rrah) Wonder how crazy my son'd get (buck) I wrote a book, and then buried and covered it Hope that he'd never discover it Wonder if he only knew all the shit that the other kids I gotta put me in front of it (hey) I want it all and they only want some of it I think I need me a ton of it They wanted drama until I decided to come Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight (Straight, straight, straight, straight) Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight (Straight, straight) Yeah, look Sober minds is my regime, straight like that (woah, yeah) I don't do no drugs or sip no lean, straight like that, yeah (skkrt) Crack turned my cousin to a feign, straight like that (fact) I just hope that one day he might get clean, straight like that Pop this shit, I'll make a scene, straight like that (pop) I might take this shit to the extreme, straight like that (crack, yeah) 29, bitch, that's my team, straight like that If they don't buy my shit Then they gon' stream, straight like that (oh-oh) New bitch in my crib I might just dick her, straight like that (stripper) I just flip her over, I don't kiss her, straight like that (yeah) I ain't fallin' for no stripper, straight like that (never) I said fuck the labels and got richer, straight like that Used to struggle, now we icey, straight like that (icey) Hope my daughter don't meet no one like me, straight like that (word) If she do, he gotta fight me, straight like that (brrap) Someone gotta pay as shit get pricey straight like that Hope in the four and I'm swervin' it (ah) They want a dish and I'm servin' it (ah) Word to the niggas who thought I was leavin' I told 'em I'm stayin', it's permanent (buck) Typical nigga been hurtin' these women They feelings, they wasn't deservin' it I broke their heart and I'm sure of it I did some damage I hope that one day I can learn from it (buck, buck, buck) That probably won't be the first of it (yeah) I'm on a journey, I feel like a journalist Never had many alternatives Only way out is to murder it, I gotta murder it (ah-ah) I bet that you be observin' it I'm all the way up and I'm feelin' the turbulence I need my peace, you disturbin' it You put some drop up inside my pocket and it's startin' to- Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight (Straight like, straight like, straight like) Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight (Straight)
Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas 3 måneder siden
Life Is good
Life Is good 3 måneder siden
I regret pressing more😂😂
G T 3 måneder siden
Str8 🔥
iSo i
iSo i 3 måneder siden
I’ve been looking for rap this good with sax in it for sooooo long 🎶🔥🤯💯🙏
prophecy505 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one that hears a lil Nipsey on this ?
Monkey3521 3 måneder siden
I was following Joyner since 100k subs... it’s crazy to think someone can blow up like this. He deserves every listen and like
Kevin Yasharahla Olaniyi
Kevin Yasharahla Olaniyi 3 måneder siden
0:49 sound like Nip
Kealan Davis
Kealan Davis 3 måneder siden
If i ever sign to a label im signing under your dawg i feel like im your biggest fan your music get me through and i can relate to it it makes me cry but at the same time it makes me stronger
Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas 3 måneder siden
GODS OF GRIND TV 3 måneder siden
This shyt sooo REAL Joyner Dawwgg🖤💯
crackakage 3 måneder siden
this is aight
Kutollo Phago
Kutollo Phago 3 måneder siden
South Africa approves... This man telling my story for me.
mountaindewmofo 3 måneder siden
I wonder what Meek Mill thinks of this song
MC PRO 3 måneder siden
damn this stra8 as fuck
Its notme
Its notme 3 måneder siden
I can't stay quiet any longer. This whole album was stolen from me. I wrote every word of it and produced every beat heard on it. I had it saved in my private microsoft paint folder and it was hacked last year, probably by his private cyber security team looking for jams to jack. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!! HE MUST PAY FOR HIS CRIMES #JOYNERLUCASISPARTY
Stop It
Stop It 3 måneder siden
Ramona Hodges
Ramona Hodges 3 måneder siden
I’m the 1000th comment
Lucas Celeste
Lucas Celeste 3 måneder siden
999th comment LLJW 💔
Lucas Celeste
Lucas Celeste 3 måneder siden
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez 3 måneder siden
Favorite song on Album... Steelers going to the Super Bowl Str8 like dat! 🙏🤙🤘👍😤
ray robinson
ray robinson 3 måneder siden
Heard him before with falling slowly but this has song rite here officially made me a fan 🔥🔥🔥🔥 this bull fire
Red Way
Red Way 3 måneder siden
We need a movie abourt joyner.
Matias Greene
Matias Greene 3 måneder siden
Bruh this sounds exactly like When You Down by lil Tecca, or at least the instrumental part. Does anybody else think this?
Nicholas Lumpkin
Nicholas Lumpkin 3 måneder siden
If you sing the next song with the sax shit sounds amazing
Collin Knight
Collin Knight 3 måneder siden
Joyner just met the public in the middle. Is this not what you came for?!?!???
Jodi Chriepto
Jodi Chriepto 3 måneder siden
edgar ogutu92
edgar ogutu92 3 måneder siden
no lie, i cant buy this but i am streaming str8 like that.... and if you dont like like , FU str8 like that
charbel chehade
charbel chehade 3 måneder siden
One of the best aritists in the game right now
VIP Lil Noah
VIP Lil Noah 3 måneder siden
VIP Lil Noah
VIP Lil Noah 3 måneder siden
adios amigos
adios amigos 3 måneder siden
Joyner sounds like Nipsey in this song
Thomas Hammond
Thomas Hammond 3 måneder siden
Everytime he says str8 like dat you gotta take a hit of your smoke go...
Duan Davis
Duan Davis 3 måneder siden
I can hear Nipsey on this 🙏🏾
Victor Barroso
Victor Barroso 3 måneder siden
Real rap. Ty god
Johnny The Great
Johnny The Great 4 måneder siden
Did it on my own str8 like that🏁💯
Charon 4 måneder siden
Nipsey on this beat ... Lost chance
Christophe Official
Christophe Official 4 måneder siden
Fav song on the album ❤️
Esel Raccrew
Esel Raccrew 4 måneder siden
Real rap and king, Doesn't Nipsey seem a bit like his flow ??? Greeting from argentina Joyner Lucas ¡¡
Cortney Tyson
Cortney Tyson 4 måneder siden
My favorite song off the album Evolution loving the 🎷 playing in the background. Joyner Lucas is da truth!!!! He does sounds like Nipsey when he say str8t like dat
Robby Real
Robby Real 4 måneder siden
This beat reminds of 762 by lucci
Negativity 4 måneder siden
str8 like dat x7000
Nate Dogg09
Nate Dogg09 4 måneder siden
The sax tho 💯🔥🔥🔥
Yahoo Aol
Yahoo Aol 4 måneder siden
Rip nipsey hustle
LitPenguin713 4 måneder siden
Damn top 3-4 song on the album his hoe stays on repeat some days
Alias AzmaH
Alias AzmaH 4 måneder siden
Gay pp : Lucas is homophobic for he named it str8 like that and no gay like that 69 : no problem i will add more colours next song
LayzPlayz 4 måneder siden
Mvula Sound
Mvula Sound 4 måneder siden
Same sample as Youngsta CPT's VOC?
Rez Royce
Rez Royce 4 måneder siden
Rez Royce
Rez Royce 4 måneder siden
Givin me nipsey vibes
Poncha Gomas
Poncha Gomas 4 måneder siden
alan white
alan white 4 måneder siden
Em ... you can pass the torch on now 💯
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee 4 måneder siden
Getting rod wave vibes
Camband OG
Camband OG 4 måneder siden
Joyner and Eminem for me no 1.
Dustin R
Dustin R 4 måneder siden
Sending nothing but Love!!! This is a banger !!!
jwhysall 4 måneder siden
3:23 you can hear the song ADHD in the background
Celph Taut
Celph Taut 4 måneder siden
Favorite track on this.
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