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Joyner Lucas

4 måneder siden

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Mad Viking
Mad Viking Dag siden
This shit sound like some old school MC Eiht west coast rap.. sounds dope
Rakim Jones
Rakim Jones 3 dager siden
Hard knocks life flow......💯💯💯
Rakim Jones
Rakim Jones 3 dager siden
Classic............let's go Joyner dat real hip hop
LIL KLIP 14 dager siden
This dude reminds me of a guy I went to elementary school with and never heard from since tbh. Wonder how he’s doing now 🤕😶🥺
Karabo Casper
Karabo Casper 15 dager siden
Joyner always makes you accept your mood
Mannie Byas
Mannie Byas 17 dager siden
Nipsey flow
All Time Real Casman
All Time Real Casman 20 dager siden
Best Album in 2020🔥🔥🔥🥺
Koby Wood
Koby Wood 22 dager siden
The 174 people who dislike thiss, I hope you understand what this guy going thru and has been thru
TR!P BLUNTSK!! 22 dager siden
The number one slept on GOAT
MichelZelf 29 dager siden
You didn't make a video for this?!?! I'm gonna make one myself lol that intro got me so inspired on spotify..
LitPenguin713 Måned siden
joyner made a classic cd man he been a goat maaaan
JordanRA Måned siden
Joyner's growth has been absolutely amazing. This dude deserves everything he worked so damn hard for. Easily my favorite artist out there right now.
Nooh Khaled
Nooh Khaled Måned siden
such an underrated track on the album
Fidel Aranda
Fidel Aranda Måned siden
We need more rappers like this🔥💯❤
Craig Towell
Craig Towell Måned siden
IRELAND 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪
Craig Towell
Craig Towell Måned siden
This man is a f×_king legend
Red Skittles
Red Skittles Måned siden
JOYNER, is this simple in the background come from Alice DJ - Better Off Alone... did you simple that track and merge it with your own touch?
Brandon Paap
Brandon Paap Måned siden
damn both joyner n em dropped 2 projects in 2020
Rice_Only Måned siden
katiemorley58 2 måneder siden
NUЯ 2 måneder siden
That “hm” hit me deep .
Shaan Solo
Shaan Solo 2 måneder siden
this my shit tho esp rn
Apoorva Agrawal
Apoorva Agrawal 2 måneder siden
Why Joyner is underrated
Tshepo Sebopela
Tshepo Sebopela 2 måneder siden
Don't mind me I'm just listening for the 50th time
Joshua Borges
Joshua Borges 2 måneder siden
Real shit sound like Nipsey Hussle Rip ✌ #respect
UnderDogOutfitters 843
UnderDogOutfitters 843 2 måneder siden
I feel this shit in my soul...
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Damn NOpost from keeping this away from me 🔥
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 2 måneder siden
The 166 dislikes are from people who haven't evolved.
Frank Moser
Frank Moser 2 måneder siden
Evolution begins as a psychological and mental process and is FIRST conceived in the subconscious mind ( mankind had to discover fire 🔥THEN realize it's usefulness BEFORE the inevitable physical and psychological evolutionary changes could occur) ..... This is WHY i think the religious thing came about to slow it down or even stall it completely and especially Christianity ( if you'd believe in Jesus Christ for the promise of eternal salvation then you'll certainly believe in FREE WILL ) .... At the point of accepting that misconception a mental "blockage" occurs which in MOST cases ( especially Christianity) is reinforced by human emotions like fear ... Shame ...guilt ... Pride ..ego..etc at THIS point an inevitable "regression" of human intelligence begins ( we even have flat earthers AGAIN and covid cowards lol) .... The LIE of FREE WILL is what WILL be responsible for the END TIMES of revelations to be carried out by MAN ( they are ALREADY susceptible to imposed subconscious programming) and the "eternal salvation" they THINK is coming will be permanent EXTINCTION through the natural selection process ....because they were given a CHOICE ( psychological test) and failed because they chose faith OVER logic and wanted FREE WILL instead of intelligent reason ..... It's ALL just a matter of perception .....The Fear of God is unnecessary and irrelevant ANYHOW because the GOD you are afraid of is MANMADE ..... And the meek ( knowing ) shall inherit the earth because the "believer"( MAJORITY) are DOOMED .......TRUTH FM2020
Butt Talks TV
Butt Talks TV 2 måneder siden
"Got tired of building companies up that I didn't own". That hit home. Check us out Butt Talks TV
Mr noodles Link
Mr noodles Link 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry man but I've had this song on repet for 3 days and with each verse I learn a new thing every time through
Djay 2 måneder siden
Fire 🔥
WestHaddnin 2 måneder siden
This album is a instant classic 💯💯💯
acdane 2 måneder siden
No I ain't gonna finish last, forever healin my past, and I'm writing my own damn retribution. I'm so glad I'm doing much better than the first time I heard this one. Keep your head up fam! ✌🏻
정h 2 måneder siden
좋은 음악엔 이유가 필요없다 트랙넘기다 걸렸고 좋아서 계속 듣는중 ~
Lil Clipz Music
Lil Clipz Music 2 måneder siden
Claim your here before 1 million views ticket here
NUMBTV 2 måneder siden
Anyone knows who sings at the end?
amaoni DANGER
amaoni DANGER 2 måneder siden
Sorry Joyner I got a lot of problems I think I can agure that
Swiifty 2 måneder siden
Lyricist of the year?
Evoke 2 måneder siden
We all know we need joyner and enimen to do another song
Sideswip Kicker
Sideswip Kicker 2 måneder siden
First 4 is about evolving and being better persons. I thought the whole album would be that but zim zimma sorta ruined it
Frank Conyer
Frank Conyer 2 måneder siden
This my favorite song!!! Str8 and Zim bangers!!!!! BUT this is #DOPE!!!!!!!!
wii- soo
wii- soo 3 måneder siden
To Joyner thanks... Evolution to every soul under the 🌞..
Joyner Lucas
Joyner Lucas 3 måneder siden
THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!! HOPE YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!! SINCERELY, JORDAN CHARLES CRAWLEY (JOYNER LUCAS)!!! @Official Joyner Lucas @Joyner Lucas @Jordan Charles Crawley Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// Https://
IndoorTeacher 3 måneder siden
Shout to Joyner dropping gems. Invest in your self fuck these companies.
InspirationalGems247 3 måneder siden
Truly which came really first? Creation in order?? Or evolution in random chaos disorder?? Please! Watch this video entitled:- Too Concealed Now Revealed
Marlon Cruz
Marlon Cruz 3 måneder siden
Joyner 🔥🔥 Much respect saw your interview on Breakfast club the other 💯💪🏽
Isaiah.M 3 måneder siden
Who else bought a signed adhd vinyl and hasn’t got it yet ???
eleph 3 måneder siden
i love this vibe 🔥❤
Lysias Jaison
Lysias Jaison 3 måneder siden
this brother is the realest.....
Josh S
Josh S 3 måneder siden
The 🐐 has spoken ... end of discussion
SmallerJester35 3 måneder siden
The beat said 💀
Manda D
Manda D 3 måneder siden
This dude tho ....🤯
she higher
she higher 3 måneder siden
recently learned how to control my thoughts and live in the present. I caught myself always living in the past or living in my head of what I’m tryna become in the future. Both good and bad are temporary.. I knew it but never understood it. Now that I understand, I embrace everyday FULLY. Thank you to the most high ❤️
micah cambridge
micah cambridge 3 måneder siden
Who was the backup singer in the ending of the song, need information?????
J. Benjamin
J. Benjamin 3 måneder siden
Joyner will forever just be on another level, it's gonna be insane to see where he is in music in 10 years from now.
Davia Mcintosh
Davia Mcintosh 3 måneder siden
this album hella fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jason Moon
Jason Moon 3 måneder siden
The beat, the flow They carry some heavy Eminem infinite vibes
LakeShow8 Mamba24
LakeShow8 Mamba24 3 måneder siden
This song is MOTIVATION, stay up young King’s and Queens. Love Ya’ll. ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
MOLE 3 måneder siden
Dear Joyner get sia or someone to drop a female melody chorus on this Maybe rihanna that would be dope
MOLE 3 måneder siden
This beat is so smooth this got a timeless feel
Jojosdojoofmojo Gaming
Jojosdojoofmojo Gaming 3 måneder siden
So no one saw jamie fox sell put gambling
Der Euro Fighter
Der Euro Fighter 3 måneder siden
Oh Shit, this is a big Hit bra👍🥺💎
6bloc amy
6bloc amy 3 måneder siden
joyner the realest
ARYAN 3 måneder siden
"Feels good to look at my phone and see Rihanna hit me Nah, it ain't on no shit like that, shorty a goddess to me". What a fuckin lyrical genius💖👏😭😭
Tom Denney
Tom Denney 3 måneder siden
God damn I love this song.
Erik Portillo
Erik Portillo 3 måneder siden
I'm a metalhead and dont like hip hop but Joyner changed that. I hope they play his hits on the radio! The whole album just WOW! 🙌💥
Sidd Rahman
Sidd Rahman 3 måneder siden
This beat is sooo dope!
eric 3 måneder siden
This is much better than ADHD
Nicolas Webster
Nicolas Webster 3 måneder siden
someone help me? what song is this chorus paying homage to? simliar cadence, the song reminds me of eminem, but the chorus got Wale vibes. Joyner killed this sh**
Nick naks
Nick naks 3 måneder siden
Yaasssssss 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Alex Connor
Alex Connor 3 måneder siden
Dude been following joyner since he first popped up on NOpost with those freestyles. I knew then he was gonna make it. Glad to say I was righ.
cassio2034 3 måneder siden
Nipsey Flow
Scooby MiKE
Scooby MiKE 3 måneder siden
Reminds me of Dedication by Nipsey
Scooby MiKE
Scooby MiKE 3 måneder siden
Was this a surprise drop?
ART CRUZ 3 måneder siden
Damn.. ❤ Thank you Joyner 👊
The Unknown
The Unknown 3 måneder siden
Tell me this doesn’t sound like infinite by Eminem
Not Nobu
Not Nobu 3 måneder siden
This album is turning promising, the apple is falling down the hill past Eminem’s tree and going up its own hill
jerksavage1 4 måneder siden
This man sound like nipsey lord I hope they don’t take him
HuntingPublicBush 4 måneder siden
This guy still ain't got a Grammy yet...... How corrupt is the music industry??
calvin coleman
calvin coleman 4 måneder siden
Chance the rapper would sound good on this also
JehRoniMo 4 måneder siden
My first day listening to this album. Driving an hour+, I have the time to listen. This is my album of the year, and next year, as I still listen to my albums from the 90's, I can imagine where this music will be with me for years to come. Congrats on your talent and and success Sir Lucas. #Evolution & #Affirmation
Dee Panda
Dee Panda 4 måneder siden
Most underrated rapper I've ever witnessed, I can see your visions through your music your special don't forget it, I can feel it, joyner for the crown can't you see it, he'll revive rap when everyone needs it.
Josiah Mata
Josiah Mata 4 måneder siden
This beat is from another song just changed a little what song tho😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️don’t get me wrong Joyner a goat I just recognized it
esaiya sayyed
esaiya sayyed 4 måneder siden
all stressed out sample
Jessy Singh
Jessy Singh 4 måneder siden
Damn... I wish Nipsey was featured on this track. I bet Both of their flows would have been amazing
Chitra Dhanishta
Chitra Dhanishta 4 måneder siden
I subscribed because of this song. Thank you🔂
Shawn Sowers
Shawn Sowers 4 måneder siden
Joyner a god lyrically. Genius
Xyphoid Akashic
Xyphoid Akashic 4 måneder siden
Anyone else getting nipsey vibes
abderahim Tagrourt
abderahim Tagrourt 4 måneder siden
In this song his voice sounds like nepsi hustle
Rohit Thapa
Rohit Thapa 4 måneder siden
Don't die until the day i meet you please
Lou dunbar
Lou dunbar 4 måneder siden
I said legend 5 years ago. I stand by it
PrettyBoy - Bozz
PrettyBoy - Bozz 4 måneder siden
Want resolution!!! America! Paint the streets of America red! Literally buy a can of paint in unity drop that all over the U.S. streets. They pay retribution everywhere. No drivers can drive on a red road.
JT UndergroundStreetAssain
JT UndergroundStreetAssain 4 måneder siden
This album is way better than ADHD. Like if you agree yo. And I'm not saying his ADHD album was bad because I loved a lot of songs from the album especially the song ADHD with human logic. It's probably because when he released ADHD he had already released most of the song if not all of them from the album into NOpost. So when ADHD came out I was into excited. I don't know I'm blabbing
Amariah Chusnulchotimah
Amariah Chusnulchotimah 4 måneder siden
That's ok bruh I like them both but yea everybody have their own opinion
D Maxime
D Maxime 4 måneder siden
Thanks you
Natan Nabil
Natan Nabil 4 måneder siden
Kyle Savage#8
Kyle Savage#8 4 måneder siden
Tell me why the hook sounds a little like Infinite’s hook from Eminem
EDJK 4 måneder siden
this beat really hits different and I already know the lyrics Joyner you never fail champ thank you for this song 💯🤝 favorite song on the whole Album hope to shoot a Music Video for you one day 🙏🏿🎬🎥✊🏿
Midwestrebel 2
Midwestrebel 2 4 måneder siden
You have to listen to the intro then this song ❤🎵🔥😎 ! Inhaling in exhaling while looking at the stars , shit hits different 💯🎶💨 evolution
Icy Skies
Icy Skies 4 måneder siden
Speaking facts like Nipsey Hussle ♦️
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