Joyner Lucas - Like A River ft. Elijah James (Official Video) "Evolution"

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Joyner Lucas

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Franco Dhrubo
Franco Dhrubo 4 timer siden
It's so hard to see now a days people’s don’t appreciate good videos and storytelling.!! 2mil in 2 months ..!??? This industry will continue to grow bcz of some people like Joyner💙 not just cz some bikini as shits rappers and ***nky rappers. The next generation will remember this man as legend 💙 keep goin man and do more good work in the future.
J k
J k 5 timer siden
This song hits hard look I wasnt best dad when my son was first born I left him an his mum alone I was in such a dark place I couldnt see the light in my life and now I cant make it up to them no matter how much i try all I'm sayin is dont take the most important things for advantage because some times you dont get the chance to fix what you f up I wish I could make it all up to them I hate my self for it
B_BaD_813 7 timer siden
It's sad I can say most of this shi bout my moms
Olegario Arambula
Olegario Arambula 8 timer siden
This song is 🥺
Mike 606
Mike 606 8 timer siden
Joyner Lucas make you cry like you was 2 again
Becca Jean
Becca Jean 10 timer siden
It sounds to me like You've come a long long way in life and it wasn't easy for you either. You're a very talented music artist. I feel bad for people like you that didn't grow up with both a father and a mother. Cudos to your mom for raising such a good man as yourself. I feel so blessed to have had 2 loving parents in my lifetime and for the great childhood I was given by them. They were the best parents a girl could ever ask for. My mom passed away in January of 2003 at the early age of 56 from a heart attack. She died at home in my dad's arms. My dad died in February of 2017 from cancer at the age of 70. My Prayers are for every kid to get the chance to have a loving mother and father to raise them, but sadly these days that's not too common and makes me very sad. Keep bringing us great music please and don't let your childhood bring you down because you're truly a gift from God 😊😊
Young Prodical
Young Prodical 11 timer siden
Made me drop a tear bruh, was raised the same way.
RAYMOND SYKES 13 timer siden
Real shit bruh. Don't change up.
Alfonso Orozco
Alfonso Orozco 15 timer siden
eres un rapero mamalon
Antonio Dues
Antonio Dues 17 timer siden
😭😭😭😭 ... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Kashikuka
Gabriel Kashikuka 17 timer siden
This hits different when your dad wasn't there for you.
Vasily G.
Vasily G. 21 time siden
Dercio Hassane
Dercio Hassane Dag siden
I can relate, without the rich part. Haha.
Flame Head
Flame Head Dag siden
Older brother was my only role model he had no role model so he turned to drugs now I have no role model
Erick Morales
Erick Morales Dag siden
I can relate to this song.. you only have to gone thru this to actually feel it
TheGifted 2 dager siden
Your music goes straight to my heart man. I appreciate you💪🏿
PERZIQUE DOLCE 2 dager siden
👑A King Was Born👑 . 🏳Forever Blessed.
Alexander Cisneros
Alexander Cisneros 2 dager siden
My father left my mom and his family for another woman when I was 10 he tried to be there but it was always fake just to paint that good picture for himself I can relate to this cause I was always alone my mother could only teach me so much I grew up to be the man I am cause of her and now my sons coming and I’m damn sure I’ma give everything I never got 💯 thank you Joyner Lucas your music is inspiring 🙏
ChatOmbre 2 dager siden
This made me tear up thinking about my ex-husband and wishing he would step up for our daughter. Dads out there, please know it’s not too late to be there for your own kids. If you don’t know how, reach out to men who have healthy relationships to get advice or seek counseling. Please don’t inflict these wounds on another generation.
Mattt BrownN
Mattt BrownN 3 dager siden
I will do better for my son and give em the things I always wanted !! 💯 #beingbetterthanhim
DATA 3 dager siden
Gotta be to only rapper other than NF to made me cry like an embarrasing fking bitch, because of the message.
Zuri Horton
Zuri Horton 3 dager siden
lightless 3 dager siden
i dont get why this isnt got more attention than some dumb song that says one word 100 times.
Xavier Hahn
Xavier Hahn 3 dager siden
when i first heard this song a couple months ago i had finally heard a song that put my life in a story. I can remember all the little things i had to teach myself that my dad should have taught me. All the nights crying. All the days mad at my father. Ill never forget this pain. From the first line to the last one it is my story. Thanks Joyner!
Jared Campbell
Jared Campbell 4 dager siden
Hey bru shit be pop got brother on this one
Random day
Random day 4 dager siden
i like this beat
Queen Orlise
Queen Orlise 4 dager siden
Wow...Just heard Joyner Lucas today he 🤔no words...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tim Maguire
Tim Maguire 4 dager siden
Melody flow story A1!!!
AnniE AutopSY
AnniE AutopSY 4 dager siden
i cried cried before it ended 😩😩😩😩😩 dammit Gary i really don’t enjoy crying to his music videos 😭
Double'D Music
Double'D Music 4 dager siden
Yoh this music video is something else😭
george poe
george poe 5 dager siden
Touch my Soul with you lyrics
Cameron Flores
Cameron Flores 5 dager siden
Its crazy how much this realates to my life in a bad way
German Pinales
German Pinales 5 dager siden
This song just made my tears come out!!! .....What a nice feeling!!
ImDillon 5 dager siden
if you dont mvs in theater mode ur dum
No Name
No Name 6 dager siden
Is it just me, or does joyner have a lisp when he says certain words?
Hmm Mmm
Hmm Mmm 6 dager siden
Joyner really proves how most successful artists have been through so much trauma they have no place to put it in but their art. I really believe Joyners personality and his life experiences mix in to his songs.
Abed's Nude's
Abed's Nude's 6 dager siden
Bruh this is exactly hoe i felt and still feel sometimes. I had to figure out how to get a real man. This shit is tough. But Im gonna do it better with my kids. Thank you Joyner 🖤
Thai Zeo
Thai Zeo 6 dager siden
I respect Lucas, He can really rap sucks he doesn't get the mainstream notoriety he deserves I'm from MA also, Lotta haters out here
ISM 6 dager siden
Real good tune and story.
Balint Kenyeres
Balint Kenyeres 6 dager siden
Only 2 mill views what the hell Joyner deserves much more attention
Kristie V
Kristie V 7 dager siden
Let the dogs out ... Send em down the river.
David Villarruel
David Villarruel 7 dager siden
That´s the meaning of music, an art piece!
Leo Feza
Leo Feza 7 dager siden
The biggest fight in a man's life is to fill the VOID of FATHERLESSNESS
Orlando Ortiz
Orlando Ortiz 7 dager siden
YOU AND DAX WOULD BE A GREAT collaboration he's a rapper on NOpost coming from someone in
Rohan Bell
Rohan Bell 7 dager siden
Lucas u should write a song about George Floyd
orion boots
orion boots 8 dager siden
just visiting
just visiting 8 dager siden
The human body, mind and soul are incredibly resilient. The human has an supernatural ability to heal itself. Keep on keeping on human, someday we will ALL be going HOME!
Alyssa Turk
Alyssa Turk 8 dager siden
My kids will have everything I can possibly give them but my kids will never question themselves and they’ll never live the life The way I did Alhamdulillah for everything either way but Wallahi love they’ll always have even after I die
pussylover98 8 dager siden
Lucky i had a male role model in my life but damm Joyner you a hit a nigga so hard almost shed a tear
Mark Hogarth
Mark Hogarth 8 dager siden
This is rap 100% Joyner has this way of painting with words
blue green
blue green 9 dager siden
cyn1cal23 9 dager siden
When the kid went to get the shoes, and turned around to find no one behind him, I wanted to jump through the screen and buy the shoes for him. This hit right me in the feels because I grew up without my biological father. And I too grew up in foster care. My foster dad was the only dad I ever had, and he treated me like his own. I moved out of the foster home in 1997, and I still call them mom and dad to this day. My foster dad passed away in 2014, but he'll always be my REAL dad. And I still have an amazing relationship with my foster mom.
steviedwalls09 10 dager siden
Nathan Elliott
Nathan Elliott 10 dager siden
Don’t think I’ve ever connected with a song so much in my hole life he is a goat
Josh Golly
Josh Golly 10 dager siden
you allways seem to make to most heart touching songs bruz keep it up you are actully changing ppls lives with this type of stuff bro keep up the good work joyner lucus much love bruz
joel mariscal
joel mariscal 10 dager siden
This song makes me want to be a better father. Thanks joyner.
Angel 215
Angel 215 11 dager siden
Only 81k likes ? What the fudge . Should be at 1billion likes . This song hit different . Not about bitches and drugs or gangbanging . It about a life a lot of us live . This song is a master piece. Mad respect to you Joyner . Hope someday we making a song together. 💪💯 with you’re inspiration I keep striving for my dreams .
Phil Hendrickson
Phil Hendrickson 11 dager siden
Nice 👍 I can relate
ronsky ronald
ronsky ronald 11 dager siden
That replay button I have over used it
INFINTY FUNNY 11 dager siden
We want a collab with Cordae
Ren3gade _Airsoft
Ren3gade _Airsoft 11 dager siden
Joyner Old School Rap GOAT
The mannequin that invest in STONKS
The mannequin that invest in STONKS 11 dager siden
Powerful story telling.....
Kristoff Singh
Kristoff Singh 11 dager siden
Dijon Thomas
Dijon Thomas 11 dager siden
Me and Joyner had similar upbringing I believe...that bein said wish I had his raw talent on. Word play turns out I actually suffer from ADHD literally this song hit different for me I didn’t meet my dad till I was 20 now he expects me to just be his son ..I vow to never be that kind of father when that day comes
AZ sa
AZ sa 11 dager siden
You so fly Joyner🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Angel 215
Angel 215 12 dager siden
One like if you’re dad was also not there to teach you about life . While a mother can only do so much .
Samuraisahsah 12 dager siden
Amazing Story telling+ visual device that runs through the entire video. Does a great job of communicating the emotional/traumatic weight neglect and child-abandonment encumbers that child with a heavy weight they’re forced to carry from that day forward
Gangsta Eclética
Gangsta Eclética 12 dager siden
[💚💛💙] ☮️
slimjim 22
slimjim 22 12 dager siden
Rodney Allen
Rodney Allen 12 dager siden
I can SOO relate to this song!
It’s Spenchy
It’s Spenchy 12 dager siden
Beautiful song
Austin Porter
Austin Porter 12 dager siden
Joyner is one of the best artists out here. Sales and views doesn't mean anything when there is no message. Quality over quantity. Joyner is all quality
Siyabonga Dlamini
Siyabonga Dlamini 12 dager siden
"And thanx to you I know the man that I will never become"
Travis Eley
Travis Eley 13 dager siden
This was powerful thank you for this king 👑
lutho thotho
lutho thotho 13 dager siden
I found comfort on this track 🤞🏽🤞🏽🔥🔥🌹❤️😍 very classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TREY DAVIS 13 dager siden
I feel this song on a whole different level. My dad was just like this. Never there and they wonder why I hate that man. THANK YOU JOYNER>
Gareth Barnett
Gareth Barnett 14 dager siden
10/10 underrated bro. keep it up
I body yew
I body yew 14 dager siden
what is the mv about
Spotted You
Spotted You 14 dager siden
Nipssey gone but this gem we needa cherish ❤️
Mukund Dahal
Mukund Dahal 15 dager siden
Heart touching....respect man ....I to was raised without a father....u just spoked what I was trying to say all this years....❤
KT 15 dager siden
This rapper is really something...he’s incredible
Odd Fvctory Entertainment
Odd Fvctory Entertainment 15 dager siden
Josh Raab
Josh Raab 15 dager siden
Wow this is amazing because it touched my heart because.its what I'm going through in life truly amazing ♥️♥️
lightless 15 dager siden
This so fire, oxygen passed out.
hawkdavid 15 dager siden
He should do a song with NF
ELJamesOfficial 15 dager siden
This hits a lot harder than home. many nights i sat there contemplating my own death because I felt like noone in the world wanted me. my dad leaves .get bullied at school. abused by a step dad. you just gotta push through it . it doesnt last forever
The Washington’s Post
The Washington’s Post 16 dager siden
He is so cute 😍😍😍😍 but sad😥😥😥😣
champagne rod
champagne rod 15 dager siden
Thank you he worked hard to get it right
Sheezy 16 dager siden
I don't know what the haters are talking about... I feel like the rap game has elevated
Malsawma Dawngzela
Malsawma Dawngzela 16 dager siden
Heard him 1st at lucky he's One of my fav.
Damian Hernandez
Damian Hernandez 16 dager siden
Woa my pops left... I feel you homie!
Bobby G
Bobby G 16 dager siden
Ishan Choppenson
Ishan Choppenson 16 dager siden
U touch my soul
Ishan Choppenson
Ishan Choppenson 16 dager siden
Joyner, I love your style
AURA STUDIO BABY 17 dager siden
This is Hiphop evolution I love this song so much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Triston Davis
Triston Davis 17 dager siden
This man Joyner.
Lil Swxlxz
Lil Swxlxz 17 dager siden
This is such a vibe
Jeffrey Thibodeau
Jeffrey Thibodeau 17 dager siden
This guy is so underrated. 🔥 🔥
Shaun Rozario
Shaun Rozario 18 dager siden
Joyner with another banger
Flip Re,make,errthang,yeeert
Flip Re,make,errthang,yeeert 18 dager siden
Why is this not acknowledging the individual responsible for making this album possible? Because we all know how easy it would be for said person to prove 100 percent. 315 start to finish.
chilaka ikechukwu
chilaka ikechukwu 18 dager siden
Anytime I listen to joyner lucas songs 🎶❤️, I feel this ease In my heart 😌 I'm becoming a huge fan💪🏽❤️
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