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Business Scalers 15 timer siden
I got stabbed up, 1 month ago, I should have died on that operating table. . It was a setup, 3 punk bit- vs me, I fought 2 of them off, 1 of them got me. I kept it quiet, no copper has the right to get my justice, that is my job. Meanwhile, one of those 3, singing and yapping his lips to the pol, is afraid, and he should be. All you fake ass g's, singing about other people's experiences, just know this, for some, it is easy to ki--. It is the not ki---ng part that more hard.
notatroll 16 timer siden
what side would you pick
Paul George
Paul George 19 timer siden
Don't snitch on me but Im thinking about hitting the side of the backboard again in the playoffs
William Kenney
William Kenney Dag siden
That was fire 🔥
محمد احمد الركابي
محمد احمد الركابي Dag siden
Good cop bad cop . i see you
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Dag siden
Gave me chills
Drop Beat
Drop Beat Dag siden
Hey Joyner I am a big fan I'm 9 and also an a rapper form Massachusetts also
Drop Beat
Drop Beat Dag siden
Bobby realese Bobby shmurda
John Garcia
John Garcia Dag siden
Free Bobby schmurda
Flow Delly Trey
Flow Delly Trey Dag siden
Bryan Barrera
Bryan Barrera Dag siden
This is an authentic track. This piece is fire
Chaos 2 dager siden
this man here is on fire
Denis Mussa
Denis Mussa 3 dager siden
Hmmm, where is 69!?? That is a dedication for him
Kelly Greenhalge
Kelly Greenhalge 3 dager siden
""MY MAN, Look 👀 We Can Do This The HARD Way 💪Or Make It EASIER ON U'rself"? & Give It Up,,,It's Up 2 U? What's Up Now Nigar? SNITCH, Snitch 🤐Snitch! WOW Def 🔥Hot, i👁 *(Absolutely Love 💘Love Love This Song🎶🎵)* Did I Happen 2 Say? LOVE This Song? Idk 🤷‍♀️But 🎼 The 📹VIDEO'S EVEN BETTER, Def,, Especially Better With ❤Darren in it (aka)D-Macc McDonald,,, *(aka)* Darren D'Angelo,,, Darren The Man,,, D-Macc Seriously,👄 Makes This Already 👍👍(Double Thumbs up) Slamming Sexi Video 📹Absolutely,, 💯Pér Cent Exciting,,👄 Sexi💋& Lot Hotter! O'Ya 🔥HOT Sizzling Dam 🔥HOT! & I Just Watched 👀It Again & I've Seen It Many, Many Times! BUT This Time, I REALLY SEEN IT IN A 🕳HOLE 🕳New DIFFERENT Set of 👀Eyes, Seriously, I Tell No Lies,, WOW 👏Nope i 👁 Don't ! It's Funny,, Cuz D's NO Stranger 2 Me? 🙅🏻Nope, We've Got History, He's The Dad Of My #3 Kid's & I Know Daddy D, Darren, Doesn't Have A Huge Big❗❗ Long-Ass-Part, Nor Sing In This Video? But Sorry 😞& No Disrespect 2 NE 1 That Worked Hard On This 1, Especially 2 Joyner Lucas' & All The Other GREAT Artists Musician's, & 👏Amazing Rapper's In This *Snitch* Video. But 💓SORRY,,I Have 2 Be Honest, & Give A Good Shout-Out 2 Darren* (The 👮‍♂️Cop) *😉He Adds A 🤏bit,, Just A Little Bit of Spice & Every Thing Nice 🌷 2 This Already Awesome Video 📹, & Again Amazing Song 🎵 & 👒Hats 🧢Off 2 All That Had A Part In The Making & Producing Of This Snitch Video 📹Love 💘 It, Great 👍Job 2 All! DON'T Hate, Just Relate! Good Job 👍Good Luck On The Next Music 🎶Video 📹( Hopefully They'll Be Another,, Like Part #2?) & Darren (May Have A Part In This 1 As well)! That'd Be Pretty Swell ! Love Kel💋! Kelly G. Yep That's Me
Trevon Lawson
Trevon Lawson 3 dager siden
You the man Joyner
Senpai I
Senpai I 3 dager siden
only 10 million views wow what an underrated rapper he deserves more than 10 million views, he is probably one of the best rappers out there
DRe Ponda
DRe Ponda 3 dager siden
I'm glad bobby shmurda free and he can see at anytime
Nellbae 4 dager siden
Whats fucked is the percentage of dudes snitching rather taking the bid.. I mean, you chose that life ..don't lose your balls when shit gets too real
Nellbae 4 dager siden
You don't have to say a fucking word . It's really that fucking simple
Jason Greensword
Jason Greensword 4 dager siden
Bottom line is.... what do you want your legacy to be?
Stephanie Toolate
Stephanie Toolate 4 dager siden
Don't think about it cuz I'm coming for you
K Stun
K Stun 4 dager siden
Hey, let me clarify something for you You're looking at a lot of fucking time So this is completely up to you We can do this the easy way (Snitch) Or we can do it the hard way (Snitch) I need some fucking information (Snitch) And I need it, right now (Snitch) This your motherfuckin' conscience, nigga don't even do it Don't start actin' like a bitch 'cause you forgot where you goin' You made choices that done put you here and now you just ruined And I don't care 'bout why you did it or who got you influenced Nah, don't listen to that nigga, that ain't good advice If you cooperate then it's your chance to save your life Just tell 'em what they wanna know, and you won't pay the price Some would call it snitchin', but for me I call it make it right Man fuck that "make it right shit", you gotta sit, do your bid You should've thought about this shit, before you did what you did Give a fuck about your family or your bitch or your kids You either gon' respect the code or your gon' get what you give Who gives a fuck about the codes? No one follow codes We both know that jail ain't the place you wanna go Somebody fuckin' on your bitch, you tryna call her phone If I was you I'd tell them boys everything they wanna know Psssh, okay, let's think about this, let's embrace it Let's make an illustration Let's say you switch up with it and bitch up and make a statement Now niggas in jail, that nigga ain't tellin', had no snitch temptations Now you might be free but you might get killed for givin' up information And if you don't get killed then that's a wrap Everybody gon' know you as a rat Won't get no respect for the rest of your life, nobody will know you after that You might just run but you never could hide How long you hopin' that'll last, 'fore they catch you slippin' and give you somethin' that you know you had to have? Fuck that, let's say you keep your mouth shut and take the blame for it Now you need money on your books ain't no one payin' for it No visitations or no letters, you've been waitin' for That pussy you've been cravin' for, you may not get laid no more And all them niggas that you call your brothers'll be ghost The only one who got you is your mother if you close A bunch of niggas screamin' free you and makin' post No one show up to your trial, niggas pray that you get smoked Man, please tell me you ain't 'bout to take this suckas advice? Your kids'll grow up, knowin' that you just a sucka for life Lackin' morals and integrity, it come with a price And if you fold then you should know, that we ain't nothin' alike And if you leavin' here tonight, you better cop a burner Don't fuck around and be somebody ain't nobody heard of Now here's your choice be a man or be somebody murdered It's either you can take the stand or you'll be Bobby Shmurda Free Bobby Shmurda (Shmurda, Shmurda, Shmurda, Shmurda) Alright So it was me, C-Dot, Killa, Rico and Vic Cut the shit (Shit, shit, shit) Who is Rico? Who is Vic? (Snitch) I want their real names (Snitch) Killa's name is Jonathan Taylor (Snitch) And Rico's Michael McCormick (Snitch) And Vic (Snitch), he was the person, pretty much He was like the head of the operation (Snitch (Snitch, snitch)) (Snitch (Snitch, snitch)) (Snitch (Snitch, snitch)) (Snitch (Snitch, snitch)) What's up now, nigga? [*gunshot*]
Pierre Malatarejr
Pierre Malatarejr 4 dager siden
he shouldve choose bob shmurda. thats dope he out now. did not notce that the first time.
Nellbae 5 dager siden
Loved how he played both sides in video but still telling him his best option. Only option. Never fucking snitch! Everrr
Sablar Music
Sablar Music 5 dager siden
This mans too underrated 🔥🔥🔥
ULTI MIXS 5 dager siden
Bobby shmurda got this on his playlist
Shivam Joshiツ
Shivam Joshiツ 5 dager siden
Elegant James
Elegant James 5 dager siden
Been in this situation. I only said one word, lawyer. When they tired pressing I said it again. I didn't have anything to do with the crime so my buddy - who passed away from an OD - copped to it so I didn't go down for something I didn't do. I was willing to take the fall but he did instead.
Elegant James
Elegant James Dag siden
@cove warf yeah he was
cove warf
cove warf Dag siden
Thats a real homie
Nick Hewlett
Nick Hewlett 6 dager siden
Best lyrical Rapper right now, no competition. Drop this label bro and go indo, you made that money, now tell people what they don't wanna hear. You got the lyrics and the spirit to change the world. Do it bruh, very few have the chance you've created. Build off this and change the world, it's all in your pen and pad homie. Drop that weak label and be completely free, you win, the world wins.
tasty co
tasty co 6 dager siden
"free bobby shmurda" HE FREE!!!
Bell 6 dager siden
At the end of the day if you ever get interrogated the only words you say is "I want to see my lawyer" That's the moral of the story @joyner
Bell 6 dager siden
I'm abOut to go write another song off this one
Bell 6 dager siden
Neva drop a dime...
Bell 6 dager siden
Joyner Lucas never disappoints me I feel like me and him make the same type of music ..keep killing this s*** bro it motivates me
JCfishin 03
JCfishin 03 6 dager siden
Who watching while shmurda is actually free
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 6 dager siden
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 6 dager siden
big brother watching all da time
Bradley Parker
Bradley Parker 6 dager siden
Someone must of set him up
Brittany Chitty
Brittany Chitty 6 dager siden
How'd u get Steve Wilkos to be in the vid? Lol kidding. Love you Joyner!!!
Dan Maloney
Dan Maloney 6 dager siden
Lobomatdor 6 dager siden
I lost it when the cop said snitch 😂😂
Nomay Tol
Nomay Tol 6 dager siden
Free Bob shrimmouder
ImJustSaiyan 6 dager siden
1:16 My mind in the principle office when i was playing with my friends and one of my friends did something wrong but i didnt do anything
J G 6 dager siden
That Bobby line hits different now
King Sham
King Sham 6 dager siden
When 6ix9ine and Bobby shmurda in the same room
cisco sandoval
cisco sandoval 7 dager siden
Dam this shit is crazy!!ima tell my mom 👩
Violent Gamer
Violent Gamer 7 dager siden
Bobby free
Jason Ski 740
Jason Ski 740 7 dager siden
When the cop on the side whispered snicth I started to laugh
GARHEAD 7 dager siden
This dude always impresses me with his skills
Tabzy 7 dager siden
Too hard
Jesus Benitez
Jesus Benitez 8 dager siden
All these internet thugs talking about snitching 😂 stfu most y’all would snitch
BasDaPoet 8 dager siden
Brian DiVincenzo
Brian DiVincenzo 8 dager siden
in a time where hip hop is in a bad way with "rappers" like 69,Migos,Trippie Redd,Kodak Black,etc are popular amongst misguided gen z kids..never thought I'd be proud to be a millenial but its def better than gen z.. Joyner gives me hope as do the og's like Em,Jay,Nas,etc... Joyner,Hopsin,Merkulese,J.Cole,Kendrick and many more actual rappers who spit real lyrics is a rare thing these days... I got introduced to Joyner on Eminem's "Lucky You" song and I started listening to as much as I could and this dude is talented af
Slipt Psyche
Slipt Psyche 8 dager siden
Joyner Lucas has a sick beard.
lildgirl 666
lildgirl 666 8 dager siden
free bobby shmurder lmaooo hes free now babe
Official SIMPLE_GAD_JAY 8 dager siden
Why do I see 6ix9ine name in the comment section . . . He a rat😇
prodbyjay 8 dager siden
Bobby Swindle
Bobby Swindle 8 dager siden
Three can keep a secret...if TWO are DEAD!! my motto...go HARD or go the FUCK HOME!! keepin it "G" in BAMA BAAABBBBYYYY!!!
Kinyun Jarmon
Kinyun Jarmon 9 dager siden
All those that hit the dislike are obviously SNITCHES 🙄 🤣
wes hervey
wes hervey 9 dager siden
How does this video not have more views
Evans Mumo
Evans Mumo 10 dager siden
I want to listen to this kind of music. Not molly percolator lame shit
Jeremy Robinson
Jeremy Robinson 10 dager siden
Who did he snitch on ? 👌😂😂
Tianna R
Tianna R 10 dager siden
j mac
j mac 10 dager siden
I’m just back here for da Bobby shmurda line tho
Let’s debate
Let’s debate 10 dager siden
reminds me of guilty conscience
William Anthony Leasure
William Anthony Leasure 10 dager siden
Always go to trial no matter what.! 👍🦚
Daniel Chase
Daniel Chase 10 dager siden
Songs good. stupid idea tho
Ma'Laya McIntyre
Ma'Laya McIntyre 10 dager siden
Bobby free now
Jacksonmization 11 dager siden
Y’all know why we’re back in this video 😂 free who????🙌🏾
YourBoyG3O 10 dager siden
King Bobby shmurda
Kimberly Mason
Kimberly Mason 11 dager siden
I feel Joyner is talking to Snitch9ine
HRstuff 11 dager siden
Dylan Hardy
Dylan Hardy 11 dager siden
Joshua dunne
Joshua dunne 11 dager siden
Don’t snitch
da reaper
da reaper 11 dager siden
bobby free
RealSauce Flow
RealSauce Flow 11 dager siden
Bobby free Gang 🔥
Arthur Morgan 209
Arthur Morgan 209 11 dager siden
peter ferrier
peter ferrier 11 dager siden
Joker from persona 5 when he gets caught by sae and has to do something (if y'all played persona 5 then you get this comment hopefully)
Alexis Eason
Alexis Eason 11 dager siden
1:16 my 9yr mindset when asked by my parents if my brother broke the vase 2:41 when my mom asks what we want for dinner and my brother says Chinese Your welcome
Drew M
Drew M 11 dager siden
I saw people saying that Guilty Conscience inspired Joyner for this song, I now believe them
fsdmifwe tr34t34
fsdmifwe tr34t34 11 dager siden
free bobby shmurda
Solomon Williams
Solomon Williams 11 dager siden
Who here after Bobby shmurda got released
Eli Leal
Eli Leal 11 dager siden
Remember when you said free Bobby shmurda, well we free 2021 is saved
Federico Laureana
Federico Laureana 12 dager siden
Lfm reign
Lfm reign 12 dager siden
When Joyner said( free Bobby shmurda )that hit hard ... he out !!
D THE G 12 dager siden
B.A.M.M Double M
B.A.M.M Double M 12 dager siden
I literally came here after Bobby Shrmurda got released
hayden pruitt
hayden pruitt 12 dager siden
Had to come back and say they let bobby out let's goooooooo
Logan S
Logan S 12 dager siden
Chander Brown
Chander Brown 12 dager siden
FREE BOBBY SHMURDA!! shit hits different now
Elewa Stephens-Horsham
Elewa Stephens-Horsham 12 dager siden
No one follow codes
Takorrious Johnson
Takorrious Johnson 12 dager siden
That “free Bobby schmurda” hit different now that he’s free🔥
Ramdom Ness
Ramdom Ness 12 dager siden
this song is under rated
James Hill
James Hill 12 dager siden
Scott Nimmo
Scott Nimmo 12 dager siden
Young Bobby is getting free this week
Ethan Kimball
Ethan Kimball 12 dager siden
bobby has been freed
Lovemore Kamanga
Lovemore Kamanga 12 dager siden
Today Bobby Shmurda is Released ! Picked up by Quavo !
Andrew Gu
Andrew Gu 12 dager siden
Who here after Bobby Shmurda's release?
W S 12 dager siden
Yoel Romero's got bars
Gabriel Madrid
Gabriel Madrid 13 dager siden
Who’s here today when Bobby Smurda just got freed? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 8 dager siden
Gucci Mane In 2006
Gucci Mane In 2006 10 dager siden
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 13 dager siden
If you want to dance you got to pay the fiddler.
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 13 dager siden
They'll trick your ass saying the other people are talking to try to get you to talk 😂😂 I'll look em in the soul and stitch my mouth.
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