Joyner Lucas - Str8 Like Dat
Joyner Lucas - Evolution
5 måneder siden
Best Michael
Best Michael 4 timer siden
2021 Like 👇
Drumpf Todd
Drumpf Todd 4 timer siden
Growing up the Fresh Prince was the best show. Respect to Will for cleaning up entertainment and still making it worth watching and kudos to Joyner for showing respect to an idol without hurting his ego. Some people forget how to tell other thanks, especially their idols and Joyner set the benchmark.
Tayway 4 timer siden
Best rapper rn🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🏾
Hugo Rodriguez
Hugo Rodriguez 4 timer siden
All of you rappers be running around telling 🦈 Shark tales🦈....🤣🤣🤣
I Wanna Speak To Your Manager
I Wanna Speak To Your Manager 5 timer siden
This song basically explains how some African Americans are superemacist and will do anything that African Americans will do anything for attention when someone insults them.
Paballo Maphoto
Paballo Maphoto 6 timer siden
Dev 6 timer siden
Ian Stockwell
Ian Stockwell 7 timer siden
You better show earth correct
Liam Comerford
Liam Comerford 8 timer siden
fuck bro this is a slap gd going through it and this is a vibe!
Darshwin Shanker
Darshwin Shanker 8 timer siden
Oh yeah
Carlitos 8 timer siden
Carlitos 8 timer siden
Carlitos 8 timer siden
everyones think im good and i help with their problems and i dont even focus on my own life
Carlitos 8 timer siden
I just wanna end my life .-.
Midnight Lillian
Midnight Lillian 9 timer siden
I'm low-key embarrassed to vent on a comment section but I've ran out of options. I wanted to make my corner of the world a better place but i've been living the same day everyday for years now. I've been running in mazes, trying to give Hope an opportunity. Hope has abandoned me; so did Faith. I've lost my reason to exist. I feel like an empty vessel on survival mode. I wake up everyday and tell myself, "You are dead, you do not exist", but, deep down I know I have to face me. There is a monster residing in me and is with me all the time. I am unsafe and scattered. I am afraid my time is running out. God, please do not abandon me, not yet, I'm not ready.
DreVaun Nance
DreVaun Nance 10 timer siden
This song is highly slept on and I’m wondering why
smol peaches
smol peaches 10 timer siden
Took me 5 months to realize I cried to this song cus I related to this-
PikaPika Gamer
PikaPika Gamer 10 timer siden
As an Independent, this is a beautiful song.
Shawn Bel
Shawn Bel 11 timer siden
How many cds can a wood chuck chuk if you chuked at every nigga that sucks. That alot of cds bruh
Shawn Bel
Shawn Bel 11 timer siden
Nielen Emhof
Nielen Emhof 11 timer siden
his acting sucks lol
Black 12 timer siden
2 sides to every story
Lunchtiem 6 timer siden
"I love you, but I fuckin' hate you at the same time."
KaySeVeN 12 timer siden
My uncle took this route a year ago.. this song makes me sob every time I hear it..
Tony_ N28
Tony_ N28 13 timer siden
Censored c'mon.....
EL SOL NEGRO 13 timer siden
So I’m watching ZNation... what happens next?
EL SOL NEGRO 13 timer siden
Kallita Smith sucks
mad max
mad max 13 timer siden
Tht comes from glasgow
mad max
mad max 13 timer siden
Never snitch
Kami 13 timer siden
This truly is the last song I want to listen to before I take my life
Raghav Talwar
Raghav Talwar 13 timer siden could pump not rhyme anything with 'gucci gang'? That chorus was shite
mongojr 2618
mongojr 2618 13 timer siden
Hiede leedy
Hiede leedy 13 timer siden
❣️I look up to you..Not juzt anyonez word get through to me..But you do..💯
Sam Gonzalez
Sam Gonzalez 13 timer siden
This my go to beef shiz, she knows what this means for both of us Homie 👊💯. Thanks for putting or lives in word's
saurabh agarwal
saurabh agarwal 13 timer siden
this is something hot
Miyakoxx 14 timer siden
Speaks volumes.
randy high
randy high 14 timer siden
I wish the united States would delete crap like this from the world wide web. It's damaging the youth.
Golf Lima
Golf Lima 14 timer siden
Sad that most people are still not getting it 🤦‍♂️
Nick Woods
Nick Woods 14 timer siden
dude copied kendrick Lamars flow completely
Lily Rivera
Lily Rivera 14 timer siden
Dang that's powerful ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Gerardo Lara
Gerardo Lara 15 timer siden
He murdered pump's would-be career lmfao. Game. Set.
Waylon Cetan74
Waylon Cetan74 15 timer siden
We be falling, In & out.... Chopped N screwd... This ..74\33 love..under da moonlight, and star's
gaming gator
gaming gator 15 timer siden
Its his "Testament" to God
Slightly Gr8
Slightly Gr8 15 timer siden
This whole song just hit different, but that last verse though. Damn...
Rio Facts
Rio Facts 16 timer siden
This still better than waaaay more of these today so called rappers 🔥
Jesus Nunez
Jesus Nunez 16 timer siden
Everything he’s spitting is facts Why do every legend die so young 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢 “Wonder why the fuck you took Nipsey Hussle from us”
horiZon O_o
horiZon O_o 17 timer siden
Bro the is the game hitman in IRL-😂😂😂🤣🤣
Marcio Reis
Marcio Reis 17 timer siden
Level maximum 🌟. lirical King🌟.
Jin Diop
Jin Diop 17 timer siden
Shit still hard after 3 years
Prince Massaquoi
Prince Massaquoi 17 timer siden
Joyner Lucas... A.k.a. ... The Forgotten Hero. Believe me Brody... I Know!!!👑👑💯
HEAT DUDE 18 timer siden
Now DMX!!! 🥺😰😥😢😭
young boi camil
young boi camil 18 timer siden
my guy saying the n word when he ain't got the pass
RichTerces 18 timer siden
Joyner just might retire as the GOAT
Arron Dillon
Arron Dillon 18 timer siden
Bring back dmx 🙏
Joel Halley
Joel Halley 18 timer siden
This song is underrated
Demetrius Ervin
Demetrius Ervin 18 timer siden
“Heard it’s easy to die, I wanna see for myself “ really hitting hard right now
Kami 13 timer siden
What's hard is overcoming the natural fear
Daniel Galindo
Daniel Galindo 18 timer siden
When your parents Buy Unfrosted Pop Tarts
Timothy Lybert
Timothy Lybert 19 timer siden
This is a beautiful definition of how everyone can love each other. Thank you Joyner! And for all the black men and women ❤❤❤❤❤❤ we aren't all bad!
timoprtngasxtrmprjdc 19 timer siden
Amazing flow. Shit beats.
The Josh Dunn Experience
The Josh Dunn Experience 19 timer siden
the realest rapper alive. would be an honor to work with you joyner
ahmad .kleeb.33
ahmad .kleeb.33 19 timer siden
ابو فله 🌝😂💔
TestiKL 19 timer siden
This country is going to shit and we are all just along for the ride.
LU CRE 19 timer siden
Make More Dope Shit!
KILLION YT 19 timer siden
Toto chfaar😂😂
MycLo 19 timer siden
3:40 Back at it again at Krispy Kreme.
King Pérez
King Pérez 19 timer siden
Lo mejor es que al final sale con Will 🔥
MrThedudejamie 20 timer siden
So good shame hes shit now 😢
Ryzentful 20 timer siden
508 Stand the Fuck up Worcester Mass on top of the world right nowwwwww!!!! 3'z up P'z downnn
fire alpaca
fire alpaca 20 timer siden
He makes a good song sound better🔥🔥🔥
Teenlovesbee 20 timer siden
lee cee
lee cee 20 timer siden
There is hope, there is a way out, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one can come to the father except through him. If you hear his voice today Harden not your heart. If you confess with your mouth "Jesus is lord" and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you shall be saved!
NIE 20 timer siden
Breezy Gaming
Breezy Gaming 20 timer siden
I cry every time lol been on both sides of this song. From trying to take my own life and then finding one of my best friends. That’s what really put things into perspective for me. I don’t want my family to feel the same hurt I felt when I found him. Thank you for this song 💯
Patricia Knight
Patricia Knight 21 time siden
My fam. Hates that I play this song on repeat! everyday! Because this song hits mad hard bro
Eze Castro
Eze Castro 21 time siden
SPCDetroit5431 21 time siden
Snackarie Baterina
Snackarie Baterina 21 time siden
i came back to this 3 years later and the hard r in the first verse still hits me hard
Tony Page
Tony Page 21 time siden
Snapped 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gage Schoenfelder
Gage Schoenfelder 21 time siden
Ya know, when u listen too Kyle Exum ''Trap 3 little pigs'' the 1st flow switch that joyner does in this song sounds alot like that whole song