Joyner Lucas - Str8 Like Dat
Joyner Lucas - Evolution
4 måneder siden
Joyner Lucas - adhd (Full Album)
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)
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Joyner Lucas - Lotto (ADHD)
11 måneder siden
Antai Victor
Antai Victor 6 timer siden
And newww!!
Maria 6 timer siden
If we can make it through the fire we can breathe inside a furnace - damn 🥺
Melissa Alvarado
Melissa Alvarado 6 timer siden
Melissa Alvarado
Melissa Alvarado 6 timer siden
B_BaD_813 7 timer siden
It's sad I can say most of this shi bout my moms
Voiture Rouge
Voiture Rouge 7 timer siden
By abu flah
Soulful Arts Entertainment
Soulful Arts Entertainment 7 timer siden
Lyrically Speechless 😍😍😍
AdamTheCreatorAndTheDestroyer 7 timer siden
The beat. the 1st verse. That pac reference. The overall message. the chorus. Games verse. X voice at the end. Its right on point with my mentality and what i feel inside. This song gives me motivation to continue on this higher road that ive chosen and make the rest of my life the best of my life
GENOCIDEx223 8 timer siden
This song powerfull joyner should have got a Grammy for this track and fuck anyone in the comment box thats racist
Dave26 8 timer siden
I see some Eminem imitations in the video lol. I LOVE THEM BOTH THOUGH. LUCKY YOU
Olegario Arambula
Olegario Arambula 8 timer siden
This song is 🥺
Erica Calderon
Erica Calderon 8 timer siden
Did you make this video with fake blood a little girl was laying in the street and then the teenager comes
Dylan 8 timer siden
Couldn’t agree more apart from bringing the nonce back that’s a no from me
Sponge_LvL_One 8 timer siden
I’ve failed at taking my own life. It’s one of the worst feelings because how can you fail at taking your own life? This song made me never wanna do that again because it shows how both sides would view it. To this day I don’t wanna die I’m just suicidal but knowing the difference is what gives me strength.
Mike 606
Mike 606 8 timer siden
Joyner Lucas make you cry like you was 2 again
David van zyl
David van zyl 8 timer siden
Logic looks like his own raps shocked him
levito swag
levito swag 8 timer siden
You a god
Andrew Papigatuk
Andrew Papigatuk 9 timer siden
Rest In Peace to James Avery! Pretty sure uncle Phil impacted us all (those who were raised in the 90's) Fresh prince of Nunavik MF 819!
Ashley 9 timer siden
yo what
Zyro 9 timer siden
I just witnessed a masterpiece for the first time
yaboimateo 9 timer siden
i hope joyner knows how many peoples lives he’s saved with this song.. this is why hes such an inspiration to us
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 9 timer siden
I can see 80 yr old me still banging to this jam
Becca Jean
Becca Jean 9 timer siden
It sounds to me like You've come a long long way in life and it wasn't easy for you either. You're a very talented music artist. I feel bad for people like you that didn't grow up with both a father and a mother. Cudos to your mom for raising such a good man as yourself. I feel so blessed to have had 2 loving parents in my lifetime and for the great childhood I was given by them. They were the best parents a girl could ever ask for. My mom passed away in January of 2003 at the early age of 56 from a heart attack. She died at home in my dad's arms. My dad died in February of 2017 from cancer at the age of 70. My Prayers are for every kid to get the chance to have a loving mother and father to raise them, but sadly these days that's not too common and makes me very sad. Keep bringing us great music please and don't let your childhood bring you down because you're truly a gift from God 😊😊
Zokizzy Foshizzy
Zokizzy Foshizzy 10 timer siden
You forgot the greatest movie of all: Hancock.
Brooks Ogborn
Brooks Ogborn 10 timer siden
How does the video producer remove Joyner's neck tattoos? Is it makeup or do they do it in post?
Mk Maulik
Mk Maulik 10 timer siden
makayla keogh
makayla keogh 10 timer siden
This isn’t music this is therapy,lessons,stories and more
Alan Le Fleur*
Alan Le Fleur* 11 timer siden
I love how joyner is still liking his comments on this song.
Brat xo
Brat xo 11 timer siden
I never met my uncle , i wish I could.
Arthur Parissi
Arthur Parissi 11 timer siden
ライリーReilly 11 timer siden
There’s so much misinformation and lack of guidance for neurodivergent kids like ones with ADHD. It’s so sas
H_R_H 34 Sølo
H_R_H 34 Sølo 11 timer siden
This is all true dude
Sarah Ford
Sarah Ford 11 timer siden
Don't be mad when somebody kills themselves if you never cared about why they kill themselves
Onii - Chan
Onii - Chan 11 timer siden
man's predicted 2020
Bishop Coleman
Bishop Coleman 11 timer siden
Why can't I like this video more than once. This deserves so much more. So fucking powerful
Brikk Playz
Brikk Playz 11 timer siden
One of the guys in the beginning with the gun is my teacher "Cameron Byerly".
Young Prodical
Young Prodical 11 timer siden
Made me drop a tear bruh, was raised the same way.
xm53813 11 timer siden
I know UFO be bumping this ... its fire
ToonMyles 12 timer siden
I was about to get triggered when the white man started talkin
auratwo 12 timer siden
this song still means so much to me.
Ashish Negi
Ashish Negi 12 timer siden
He looks like Yoel Romero Doesn't He
NFC_EAST _COWBOYS 12 timer siden
21 savage is better
Zhivix 12 timer siden